Friday, October 28, 2011

Quarter Century

WY I Run...for heightened awareness of my surroundings

Workout: Easy 8 Miles-- 1:12

Every morning I go out to run in generally the same outfit and as it starts to get colder, I gradually upgrade to warmer clothes after running too cold on a particular morning. This morning was one of those, it is time to upgrade, because it was way too cold. It is more difficult in the winter since I have to make sure some reflective gear is involved in my ensemble so I am seen by all. Monday morning will require a little more clothing.

I know I talk about the happenings of my early mornings, but honestly, they are usually highlights of my day. This morning as I passed some fellow dog walkers and joggers (there is not many) of them, I realized I see these same couples and dog walkers  most every morning. I greet them with what I think is a normal 'good morning' but could be 15 decibels too loud as most of the time I have some music (Tao Cruz) blasting in my ear. I wonder if I will ever recognize the folks outside of the darkness or ever learn who they are.

Last night I came home to find my Mizuno running shoes had arrived (they are running out of stock) and the race book I had created on Kodak Gallery documenting  my 2011 Races. I am excited to add to  all of the bibs, newspaper clippings, and such to the book. I was able to pack for Florida as well as Casper. I went through my standard routine and packed my lunch and headed over to Adams.

I have picked a new book for pleasure reading and another Kristin Hannah novel is what I had on hand and what will entertain me for the next few days

I just want to address the Tim Riggins sticker on my car-- this has been the home to this sticker for over a year and I still do love Tim Riggins. Adam is vying for a sticker with his name on it. I think this may come with time. For right now Tim steals the show on my back wind shield.

Walk: 3 Miles
 The office/ Kary and Kate threw me a birthday  PUMPKIN bash and it was just fantastic. I got to dress in fairy wings and all!

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