Sunday, November 6, 2011


WY I Run... dripping sweat from running on a treadmill

Workout: 8 Miles on Treadmill in 1:04

It was a struggle to finish this run, but I made it through a few episodes of some cop show to finally complete the 8 long, sweaty miles on the dreadful machine (but one that does come in handy when it is too early or cold to go outside). I showered and packed up my stuff to leave for the airport.

I was starving, so I grabbed some food and ate a protein bar while waiting for my first flight to Houston.

I got through lots of my book. Of course I did, because any book that Jenna at EatLiveRun has recommended seems to be right up my alley.

On my second flight, they had television. You had to pay, but I swiped that card immediately to be able to watch footage of the NYC Marathon. I was soo excited to hear some commentary and watch some of the elites. I kept moving closer to the tiny tv on the back of the seat. I think those who could see my television were wondering why I was glued to people running. They probably wanted to nab some free tv but were not interested in my program of choice.

The end was near and I boarded my last flight to Riverton in the new and improved A Terminal. They have added a coffee shop and a New Belgium Brewery.
I have made it back to Lander and don't want to fly ever again. At least for two weeks, until I go to Italy

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