Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frostbite on my Bum

WY I Run... both the contradicting pain and pleasure of pushing myself.

Monday Workout: 8 Miles and Core and 40 Min Elliptical w/ Abs

Workout: 10 Miles:  3 warm up, 1 Mile @ 6:30, 1000m @ 3:56. 800m @ 3:06 (11 sec OFF), 600m @ 2:14 (6 sec OFF), 400m @ 85 (7 sec OFF), 2 cool down

I know I didn't post yesterday, but the only thing I did out of the ordinary was attend our monthly Triathlon Club Meeting where I stepped in as Secretary to help out a bit while I can. Ann had the sign-up for the Lander Nutcracker since her daughters are in it and I can't wait for this grand performance.

Goodness gracious, the temps from leaving Lander and returning have drastically changed. My bum gets so cold in my spandex even though they are super thick. I might need a special layer for the butt area to stop the frost bite. I was not too intimidated by my workout this morning, but knew it would be a tough one. The new reflective light that I bought fits perfectly under my knee without falling down, but shines for the cars to see. I made my way to the track praying that no wind was blowing. I started with the mile and 1000 m and hit both of these intended paces and then I started falling off the wagon, but unaware that I was doing so. I was feeling good and pushing hard. It goes to show that the cold and altitude are still playing their role and I am not in 'sprint' shape yet as the shorter distances are where I struggled. I really thought I had it for the last 400 but my body would not go any faster. With the effort that I put in this morning, this workout will definitely help me gain fitness and will act as progress towards faster times.

I forgot to tell everyone that I returned home to a signed copy of Runner's World by Lauren Fleshman with a little note. After just watching the NYC Marathon and seeing her rock it even though she had some tough last miles, her training did pay off and she crossed as 2nd American and 16th overall. With such a realistic and down-to-earth attitude, it is hard not to be inspired.

We celebrated a co-workers birthday this morning in the office, a typical NOLS birthday party. It will be days before this is cleaned up.

Walk: 3 Miles and Strength Leg Circuit (10 min) while reading some Women's Running ( my favorite running magazine)
My newest inspiration is to move to Mammoth, CA for their running community.

My latest favorite article is one written on Lauren Fleshman in the NY Times about her debut marathon experience: http://nyti.ms/un7pXF

I will leave you with my Birthday flowers from Adam which have lasted a week

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