Saturday, November 5, 2011

Done and done

WY I Run...To get my day started on the right ( or left) foot

Workout: 14 Miles @ 8:12 in 1:54 with 6x60 surges at ~6 min
and abs

For some reason, I was not in a mood to run, especially a long run but I set out. It was a smooth flowing jaunt except my legs seemed a little heavy and I think it was because I was a bit hungry and lacking some energy. By the end, my watch was reading 7:38 miles so there must have been some juice in there. I got almost two hours in of one of my new favorite podcasts, "Women Talk Sports." They have different themes for these podcasts but usually always have been some commentary on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which is not ideal but oh well.

 I got back and showered to then make one of my homemade oatmeal concoctions. From traveling so much, I have gotten really good at saving money and eating cheaply on the road.
Top three tactics-
1. Take oatmeal packets, tea, PB and jelly from any complimentary buffet or breakfast
2. Buy groceries when you get to the city
3. Bring along Tupperware to plan meals throughout the trip
Since I spent so much money on my ticket, I really dug deep to do all of these while I am here. I think by the time I leave, I will have eaten approximately 13 meals with PB, bread, carrots and banana. Yeay for pinching pennies and still eating healthy.

 For a mid day break, I went on a walk and made my way back to the Chamberlin bookstore and bought a book for $6.

Jacksonville Landing
 I purchased some good 'ole Green Mountain Coffee and continued on my walk.
Walk: 4 Miles and Strength (15 min)
I wrapped up my duties at the conference and made my way back to the hotel and am off to the 'Happy Hour.'

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