Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All you need is Love

Just want everyone wants to see on the dash of their car.

WY I Run... Sunshine on my face (even when it is 15 degrees)

Workout: Swim 2400 meters and Core
This morning I woke up and changed into my suit. My automatic lock was not working on my car. This only means one thing, my tire pressure is low again. I just filled them a few weeks ago. Not something I want to think about at 5 a.m. It is crazy how my locks stop working on my car, basically telling me not to drive. But a woman has got to get to the pool so a half a mile shouldn't matter. I made it to the pool and slipped in to the temperate waters. The swim was tiring since I haven't been in for a while. I made it to the end and hopped in my car with wet hair to complete my core workout on the floor of my room.

 When I got to work, this is little lamented piece of paper fell out of my bag. It is crazy to look at this as it outlines some running paces and speed workouts that I had gotten from a website by typing in my goal marathon and half-marathon pace. This was all before I was using a coach and was trying to get faster on my own. If you look at the goal paces, I can tell you I have surpassed both times by 6-7 minutes, thanks to Jeff at

I have a task at hand which has been looming in my room. A bag full of designer clothes which I don't wear to sell on eBay. Problem is, I don't know how to do this. Anyone?

Run: 6 Miles in 51 minutes
It was a beautiful day to be out in the crisp sunshine. I wanted to give you all a peak at one of my favorite buildings. The barn on the river. The red is a little vibrant for me, but I am welcomed with a  comforting feeling when I pass this barn.

Here is my sister, Page,  who is enjoying her time abroad in Rome and sent me a message with the John Lennon wall.
All you need is love

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