Thursday, November 10, 2011


WY I Run... the full moon to light the streets

Workout: 8 Miles: 1 warm-up, 6 Steady between 7:15-27, 1 cool down

I think the full moon is tonight so will try to get a better view
 The workout was fantastic as my steady pace was scheduled as 7:20-40 and it was one of those days where every time I looked down at my watch, I was cruising. Can't beat day like this while pounding pavement. A little downside, but nothing to be alarmed about, my left butt cheek. As I was reading a few other blogs and noticing some injured folks, Beth, at has been working with a bit of an injury which she has come to realize is her Piriformis. While this muscle has been a little nagging for a few years nothing to sideline me... yet. This is why, although I stretch and roll after most runs and  am careful with precautionary measures, I want to give this guy some extra attention to prevent anything serious. It was a little nagging on this morning's run and per Jeff's request, I am sitting on a tennis ball right now to relieve any pressure, which definitely helps. Keeping it warm and not making sudden movements when it is tight is key right now.

Last night, I successfully got the Lander Triathlon Club meetings booked at the Cowfish starting on December 7th @ 6:30 and then from then will be the third Wednesday of every other month.

 In other news, Lauren Fleshman now watches over me while I work.

Elliptical: 35 Min and Arm Strength Circuit (10)

 I think I got this one from Tina at

I have also been twittering voraciously so follow me @ npearsonsmith

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