Friday, November 18, 2011


WY I Run... Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Workout: 8 Miles: 1 warm-up, 6 Miles between 7:15-30, 1 cool down

At least I had one day of not being sore, but it definitely set into my quads today. After two track workouts and a steady one, my legs are feeling a bit tired. Just need to get through 18 Miles and then they will have some time to recover, re-build and get stronger in Italy! With some weather scares of wind and snow... this morning was 30 degrees, calm and very pleasant until... I tripped. This is the 3rd time this week and I am wondering if I should start to worry. They aren't small blips but full on face plants.

1st Trip: Stepping onto the track in the dark morning on Tuesday before my workout. There was a tiny step which I missed and fell and rolled on the track.
2nd Trip: Quickly going up the stairs in the morning at the office where I caught my foot on the last stair and spilled my entire smoothie breakfast right as everyone started to come in.
3rd Trip: The end of my run this morning, where the sidewalk became uneven where my foot clipped and I skinned my knees and hands.

I am hoping, this is from my body being tired and me expecting too much from it. I better do something or those cobble stones in Rome are going to give me a tough time.

I am off to Casper (where the snow is sticking) to fly to Boston tomorrow to meet my sister, Carter before our travels to Italy. I will try to post tomorrow with pictures and then will post some highlights from Italy when I return. Until tomorrow or Sunday!

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