Saturday, November 19, 2011

Typical Travel

Drove to Casper.

The travel day started off as usual.

WY I Run... To show the weather who's boss

After a 8 Mile blizzard jaunt with Adam, we made it back in time to get to Casper to a delayed flight.
I was greeted by TSA with, "take it off, that's what I like to see."

With the close connection, the delay heightened my anxiety by a million. When we landed in Denver, being a runner paid off. Sprinting a mile (ticket check gentleman told me) from gate to gate to make my Boston flight. I think a made a 7:30 mile with baggage!

Made it to Boston only to wake up this morning for the 18 Miler which I ran by the Charles River. I returned to some well deserved Starbucks, an ice bath, oatmeal, and some compression socks. The wind was horrible this morning but I managed to run the 18 @ 8:30s. I had been taking blocks every miles which kept my energy stable besides a few stomach cramps.

I listened to a Competitor podcast which featured Chrissie Wellington. I had no idea she crashed so hard before the Kona race and won. Makes 18 miles feel like nothing.

Carter and I are off to Italy. Be back in a week.

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