Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sleepy Dream

WY I make sleep feel like heaven

Workout: 11 Miles: 3 Mile Warm-up, 4 x ( 600 @ 2:13-17, 3 minutes rest 400 @87, 2 minutes rest 200 @ 39-40) and 5 minutes between each set, 2 Miles cool down

 The track at 10 degrees on very dark mornings is hard to make peace with as I curse its every last tar molecule circling the 400 meters in lung burning, led leg pain. Maybe I am being dramatic, but thinking back to my thoughts this morning and I don't think so. A little off paces again, but I now know that the conditions are not ideal and the frozen lungs and legs don't help the situation. This workout is supposed to be at maximum effort and judging by my steady paces, my legs will simply not go any faster right now and the piriformis nagging is not helping either.

On to last night and a daily episode between Pearson and Adam

This is my boyfriend at 8 p.m. when I declare it bedtime in the studio apartment

This is his him off to work in the morning-- a new man and a handsome one at that.

Besides checking the weather religiously, waiting for my Kindle to arrive, making long to-do lists... I am ready for a vacation.

Elliptical: 35 Minutes and Strength Circuit- 10 minutes

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