Friday, November 4, 2011

Not always Sunny in FL

WY I Run...To make sitting inside feel luxurious

Workout: 8 Miles in 1:08 and Core

Well the outfit I have been wearing the last few days seemed dinky in the cooler temps this morning. It was a misty, windy spray the entire run. I started off running the other direction to check out other portions of the city, but there wasn't much so I continued on  my regular route on a nice, easy going run.

Main St. Bridge

Memorial Park

Riverside Inn- classic Jacksonville home

After running, I watched some of my favorite people on television, Regis and Kelly while eating my homemade oatmeal concoction. I showered and then rushed to the conference.

Conference center in an old train station
The morning keynote speaker was from Expeditionary Learning and spoke on the benefits of this type of program and the research and findings are phenomenal.

Walk: 5 Miles

I ran into this great little coffee shop and used book store that I may have to check out tomorrow

Later, I joined a session called, "Does this pack make my butt look big?" and we talked about media literacy and analyzing the ads, movies, songs and how to address young girls on this topic. It was a thought provoking hour filled with conversation.

 The most important piece of my day... I got to chat with this girl, who is in D.C right now and who I miss like crazy.

Last on the agenda is the awards ceremony for AEE

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  1. I am uber jealous, I want to talk to that girl so bad! PS Im not stalking you....Adam was and I was looking oer his to you soon love.