Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hamster Track

 WY I Run... the burning lungs not thinking the workout will end.

Workout: 3 mile w/u, 16 x 300 meters @ 64-68 seconds w/100 meter jog in 30 seconds for rest - keep the rest honest, 2 mile c/d

This was a killer. 16 repeats of anything seems to be daunting. The lung burning is not something I am used too and was a little surprise to my pipes. I was still 1-3 seconds off on majority of repeats, but I am getting quicker and my turnover is coming along. This type of workout is very foreign to me and good to be able to push in an entirely different realm sometimes although my bum wasn't too psyched on it. Trying to reach paces in the cold and on a very dark track is a struggle just as much as the workout is, but all of these factors make me stronger and faster in the end. I have another interval workout this week so maybe we can pick it up a bit!

Here is the jacket that I wear most mornings to protect me from the cold and wind. Two things that I contemplate as I put it on, one, it is black and not very easy to see ( I have a light on my leg which helps) and two, it is the Boston Marathon jacket. For some reason, I have this pang every time I put it on that I am trying to show off. I have never cared too much for this feeling, but wonder why I am so hesitant to wear it with pride. I don't like to wear it to any running events or even running elsewhere in fear of looking like those who like to flaunt all of their running schwag. I don't think this is the best attitude to have as it seems I  am dumbing down my accomplishment thinking, Boston is easy to qualify for or this isn't a big deal. In all actuality, it is a great accomplishment and as I get better, it doesn't mean I have to look down upon my previous races. Who knows will happen with my running in the future, so I have to take advantage of all that I achieve today. So, although it is 5 a.m. when I wear the Boston Jacket, it is the most functional piece I have right now for this weather and I am going to show the deers I pass at these hours what's up!

 The rest of the afternoon included finishing a whole load of laundry and getting my haircut.

Workout: 3 Mile walk and Leg Strength Circuit

Page has sent the itinerary for Italy. Think 5 page document with memos such as, "Get mom coffee" as part of the agenda.
And... my wonderful gift from the Alspach family, the new Kindle should be arriving on Wednesday-- Let the reading begin.

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