Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parying to the Weather Gods

WY I Run... to rid of the anxiety that running gives me

Workout: Swim 2400 meters and Core

My anxiety has been boosted after checking out the weather for Saturday in Casper. Looks like snow on Friday night into Saturday. This better be just a few flakes, because I can't miss my flight to Boston which in turn will affect the travel to Italy and I am supposed to run 18 Miles before the flight out of Casper and Pearson does not like when her plans are altered. Please, weather gods join me in my 'no snow' dance and hold off for a bit. I know you all are just as worried as me... just letting my crazy self ramble.

Sorry about quality... still no lights in the room
 I put on my new favorite purchase of the fall... my fur vest. It is reversible and I wore it with the sweater side out to tone it down a bit for the breakout wear.

Run: 6 Miles in 50 minutes

This afternoon was beautiful... still crossing my fingers for this weekend.

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