Thursday, November 3, 2011

Swift as a Fox

I know the saying is 'sly' but 'swift' worked better

WY I run... The feeling of hitting all paces of goals intended

Workout: 12 Miles: 3 Mile warm- up, 3 x 2 Mile @ 6:45-7 with 3 minutes, 2 Mile cool down

I finally hit them. It could be the fact that I am  at sea level but I still got then. I tried to use my foot pod, as I figured out how to turn it on, but it switched to satellite once I started running. The first interval was easy to obtain and then the effort came at the end of the second mile of the last two intervals.
I tend to get frustrated when it gets tough during the interval and any car that gets in my way ( because that's what they are doing) gets an evil stare from me.
It started get hot so I was glad to get back when I did and was greeted by my new friend, Grenelle with a bottle of water.

 I swiftly got changed and went to breakfast at one of Guy's Diners, Drive-in, and Dives from the Food Newtork- The Fox Restaurant. It was sub-par with not the nicest of service, but a decent veggie omelet and a delightful biscuit. Good recovery food from my workout!

The pool right of the workout room
 Elliptical: 30 min and Strength (10 min)
I spent a few minutes at the pool until the rain started to come down.

 I worked until the conference where I set up booth and got chatting for the rest of the evening to then come back to my room smother some PB on bread, much on some carrots and call it day. Nothing like saving money on food on the road. I will be ready for some home cooked meals when I return to Lander.

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