Thursday, December 8, 2011

Head first into the Holidays

WY I Run... "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." ~Jack London


I was able to get some winter running tips from my coach Jeff and you can check them out too.
Monday: 8 Miles Easy in -10 degree weather and core. My bones are now chilled permanently until June.
and  Elliptical and Strength (50)

Tuesday: I had to switch Tue. and Thurs workout
2 mile w/u, 5 mile cutdown (7:20, 7:10, 7:00, 6:50, fast as you can), 2 mile c/d
I am pretty sure I hit paces, buts it seems like my Garmin is wacky inside even though I use the foot pod outside and trust it then. It reads paces, I assume are correct, but on mile 4 of this workout, it changed its mind and decided I ran a 7:10 as opposed to 6:50. Going to take a lot of adapting to get used to this treadmill.
Walk: 3 Miles and Abs

Wednesday: Swim 2400 Meter and 6 Miles Easy-- I got to run outside in the sun and the ice on the road is melting.

Last night I trekked to the track to give it my last shot at getting these 400 repeats in as my last short interval workout in this training block. I had a few options to jump on the treadmill, but I really wanted to give it a go. I schlepped to the track with my shovel and Adam to shovel off the inner lane. It wasn't too slippery but still not something I would want to run on in the dark. The sun will melt the rest for an afternoon battle.

I don't know how I got so lucky to have a willing boyfriend come with me to clear off a track for my workout so as not to let my anxiety and planning personality get the best of me. I mean, I am not a professional and don't get paid for this. But still, we endured the back breaking (literally) work to clear it up for today.

Thursday: Elliptical (45) and abs.
I was able to get on the track this afternoon to do my 12 repeats of 400s. I was 1-4 seconds off pace, but these are tough for me and I worked my butt off. I was able to bust out the 12 that I needed and totaled 9.25 miles for the workout. I haven't done those in while and boy, were my faces ugly!

The nature of our office on a Tuesday

This was specifically for a eNews which went out for the holidays.

The Triathlon Club had their first annual Christmas social meeting where we hung out, went over an agenda and were awarded for the Wyoming Pro Challenge Series. Adam and I took home 1st place for our age division which was calculated by points in the triathlons you competed in across Wyoming. Fremont County took over these awards and reminds me how wonderful it is to live in such an active community!

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