Monday, December 19, 2011

Seasonal Adventures

WY I Run...miles with friends

Saturday: 16 Miles with 12-15 at 7:20
I ran the first 10 with Adam and Curtis and then the last few with Adam. With some doubtfulness, we were able to pick it up for the three miles and clocked a 7:11, 12, and 07. I don't think Adam was too psyched about the last pick up mile.
This run felt great and those paced miles made the workout count. With this run came a stomach ache for  the rest of the day which hasn't happened in a while. With constant trips to the bathroom, I was able to tame it by the evening before the holiday party.

Sunday: 10 Miles Easy in 1:26
and some Nordic skiing on the golf course

Monday: 8 Miles with 4 x20 seconds strides and Core with Strength

Shenanigans of this weekend...
It started off with the party cart which is exactly what you think it is. An office wide cart that travels from department to department with wine, beer and snacks appreciating what everyone does for this school. It usually goes along with some 'ugly Christmas sweaters,' reindeer antlers, Santa hats, music and more. This cart lead me to two glasses of wine and eventually to the bar. Considering how exhausted I was beforehand, this was not the road I had planned on taking, but was the one I traveled and have no regrets. Since the party cart started early, I was out of the bar by 8ish and in bed full of pizza by 9! Now that's a Pearson night out-- and like I kept saying on Friday for some reason. It's a Pearson World.

After a horrible night's sleep per usual after drinking, we cooked up some poached eggs for 16 Miles. Once our food digested, Adam and I headed to Curtis's to pick him up for the first 10 miles. Between the three of us and the non-stop chatting, the miles flew by. I was so excited to have some company for these miles. Following the run, the stomach cramps set in and Adam made this delicious buffalo chicken sandwich which I could hardly eat-- not usual. I lay down some more before we meandered around town getting some last minute errands done.

We tried the bow tie, but after many YouTube videos, it just wasn't working
 The NOLS Christmas Party began at 6 p.m. and I was still a sweaty mess at 4:45. I ran home, showered and got ready to party all over again (if you know me, this is a lot of party/social time). This girl is exhausted. Well, I made it through and the party was a reigning success and I think the decorations were appreciated. At 10:45, after dancing and dining, I slyly grabbed my coat and slipped out, an Irish Exit (except I wasn't inebriated).

Sorry for the dark pictures. I am hoping you can see Adam's awkward facial expression.

Kate's gettin' groovy

Let the dancing begin
 I had to wake at the crack of dawn to get in 10 Miles before cleaning up the NOLS party (now that's dedication). It actually didn't take too long. Later, the Lander Nordic Ski Association has a BBQ and a race (which Adam obviously won) for the afternoon. Skiing with the sun out and some burgers was a pleasant way to spend my Sunday although my legs were more tired than ever. I concluded the weekend making some Christmas cards for the office.

Each one is individually crafted
I peaked my mileage at 71 Miles this week-- woah Nelly
It's snowing now, lets hope it continues through the week for a very white Christmas

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