Friday, December 16, 2011

Splish Splash

Title not appropriate for this time of year, but it came to me.

WY I RUN... To wake up at the crack of dawn and to go bed at dusk (or as close as possible)

Monday: Easy 8 Miles on a bum foot. It definitely feeling better, but much ice and elevation is needed. 

Tuesday- 11 Miles: 3 Miles warm-up, 2x 3 Miles @ 7:05-7:15 with 3 minutes rest, and 2 Miles cool down.
This was hard and I muscled through it on the treadmill, but it did not come easy. When the paces don't come easy, I start to worry. There are a lot of factors right now, a twinge in my foot, and the fact that I Jeff has bumped up my mileage and I am running the most I have in my entire life.
Sidenote: This is not just on a whim, after years of training and lately building a significant base, I am slowly but surely able to tack on mileage that my body can handle-- Passing 70 this week.
Walk: 2.25 Miles

Wednesday: Swim-1600 Meters and Core
Run: 8 Miles Easy in the afternoon

Thursday: 10 Miles Easy. I ran with Adam and my foot was at its best on this run, but I can still feel it. Meaning, it is there, but is mending.
Walk: 2.25 Miles

Friday: 8 Miles Easy in about 1:12-- all of my easy runs have been slow going, but that is okay, because this block is about mileage and less about speed so it is important to build the endurance and get the mileage under my belt.

*Alert: Boo boo, Carter's hamster, was thought to be dead, but we have found out it went into hibernation since the back room of our house is so cold. He is revived, and Mama Smith is working hard to care for it's needs!

Lots of running this week, but there has been other stuff going on too besides just icing my foot.

Presents have been rolling in and I have been wrapping like a mad woman. One of those tasks that is most tedious to me and I end up ripping every corner of every package and calling it wrapped.

Adam has cooked some noteworthy meals this week, including baked garlic salmon with brussell sprouts on top spinach rice. Mmmmmmm
I am busy at work planning my next tour which is coming up in January which not too far away and as I try to concentrate, my running nose and sore throat creep into the action and shorten my attention span. With all of this, I am excited to spend this Friday afternoon reading and napping.

I have picked up this book called, Which Comes first, Cardio or Weights? This book has answered with scientific evidence all of the finicky questions that pop into your head while training. Like, is using the Treadmill as good as running outside.
Did you know that once you pick the type training you are doing for a session, you can't switch, you are either building endurance or muscle and once you set the stage of running or lifting, that is how your body will respond.

Last night, I went to the annual Backcountry Film Festival to watch some crazies ski down some slopes not meant to be touched (in my head).

I have been working hard to decorate for the annual NOLS Christmas party and have successfully set-up the dining area the prettiest I have ever seen it since attending! Props to the helpers.

This weekend will be full of some more holiday cheer and running, so hopefully my foot and mood cooperate and it could snow a little too!

P.S. I was chatting with my room mate, Katie today and got a little sentimental. Although we are about 9 years apart in age and have very different personalities, we are also alike. She is always watching out for me and always has my back. I never thought this friendship would bloom, but it definitely has turned into one I will cherish forever-- even if I don't like cats.

I also received an e-mail from my childhood best friend or NMWF (No matter what Friend) gushing about how she was thinking of me and missed me. As our feeling our mutual, there is nothing better than your best friend, who lives in Israel now, reaching out to you to make your day seem special. Thanks Lee Lee

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