Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lemonade out of Lemons

At least try.

I finally got to a point yesterday where I had to give it a whirl. My tear ducts were dry (Probably could have squeezed a few more out of them) but I made the decision not too.
I got an e-mail from my lady Annie over in Chile and she was going on about making 'Chile into Lemonade' and I thought I should do the same, so off to the race expo of the race I wasn't running I went.

A few days back (when I ran):
Tuesday: 3 mile w/u, 12 x 800 @ 3:15-3:25 (6:30-6:50 pace) w/45 sec rest, 2 mile c/d
I measured out the distance on the road with less ice, so I could complete in the freezing, dark cold where my eyeballs froze. This is where some of the pain set in.
Wednesday: 8 Easy Miles on the Treadmill-- the rest of the day I limped around with the most pain after having been sitting
Thursday: Per recommendation by Jeff, I took the entire day off. NOTHING. The first time I did this, if I wasn't throwing up from a stomach bug was years ago. It was hard mentally and emotionally which is where the struggle began
Friday: Again, no running and the pain continue. I did hop into the pool and everything felt find. I headed to doctor in the afternoon who made (almost) sure it was not a fracture of the femur or hip but a strain in there somewhere. I am thinking a stabilizer muscle and maybe some tight IT band mixed in. I thought running the race was still in sights.
Saturday:  6 Miles on the treadmill, a consistent pain throughout and the race was called--and the meltdown began

I walked around downtown Phoenix pasting a smile my face and even thought of the idea to volunteer at the race. Hello Mother Theresa.
Later, I did my usual tour shopping for lunches and snacks for the next week. Stay healthy and stay cheap. what up PB for a week straight

Walked to 2.5 Miles to ASU Stadium where my 'call to duty' was.  
With my new friend Rebecca, a gal who worked for Competitor, who puts on these races, I handed out water all day to the incredible athletes who crossed the finish line. As sad and heartbroken I was not to run, I was definitely as close to the action as I could be and got to talk to lots of runners. 

 The first guy was puking so I got a pleasant shot of the 2nd and 3rd male who crossed the finish line

 This was Trisha Miller who crossed the line in 2:48. She was adorable! Congrats

 I also witnessed one of the bloggers that I follow cross the line. I know she was hoping for a PR, but she ran an awesome race and of course, I had to yell at her to try to hand her a bottle of water as she crossed.
Come on Pearson, she just ran a marathon. She probably thought I was a crazy person, but that was my celebrity sighting for the day!
So, this is how I made my lemonade, but it is still a bit sour
Walked 5 Miles back to the hotel



  1. Pearson - I am so sorry to hear you are going through this right now. Proud of you for making great lemonade. You'll be back kicking ass soon!!! Jamie from Runnersconnect :-)

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I am still sidelined for a bit. I am sure you understand how hard it is... only have a week or so before I have to decide on Boston or not... toughest mental challenge if anything.
      Happy Running

  2. I totally understand as I have been there myself too many times :-) One thing that helps me when I hit one of these tough spots is reading the book - Oh the places you will go. Sounds silly but it reminds that you will have hang ups and bangs ups but you will always get through stronger and ready to go..Sometimes life has other plans for us on our way to success. Keep your chin up and have faith that you will be healed soon.