Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pacing the Year

WY I progressively improve

Thursday: 10 slow miles in the morning and some the elliptical (30) and Core in the afternoon
Friday: My second workout of the week-- 3 mile w/u, 3 x 2 miles @ 6:55-7:05 pace w/3min rest, 2 mile c/d. Bing bang boom, hit them! I walked with my Kindle in the afternoon, 3 Miles and finished Adam Goucher's book.
Saturday:  Ran 10 Miles, 6 with Casey Dean. So nice to have some company during the miles and ten headed to ski with Adam at Beaver Creek in the afternoon.
Sunday: 16 Miles after breakfast of bagel and eggs. I desperately called every woman I know who runs in town to have some company for a few of the miles. NO LUCK. I need to start convincing some peeps that I am cool. The run was pain free, but slow which is okay considering I was topping off another 74 Mile week.
Monday: 8 Miles with 4 x20 second strides and core. Ran in the afternoon to scope out an ice free 800m for tomorrow's workout. Always nice to feel some sunshine in the afternoon or could be an excuse that I absolutely could not pull myself out of bed.

The New Year has begun and since I like everything running, I decided to pace my year. To run a marathon, you have to pace yourself to accomplish your goal. In life, the same applies, there are certain paces I would like to hit to make goals.
So here are some paces I want to hit in 2012:

- Run 2500 Miles or more
-Race a Marathon under 3:15
-Race a half under 1:29. I want to train for these races and be aware of when I am ready for these marks.
- Finish Catching Fire with Adam. I had this silly idea of reading a book together. We got through the first and have yet to finish the second. We will in 2012 ( I hope you are reading this)
-Make a decision. No more teeter tottering, I want to make more decisions with a clear image of what I want. It won't end the world no matter what I decide. Unless, of course,  someone with that power asks me if I would like to end it
-Keep taking my vitamins and Iron remains stable
-Stretch after every run
-Play with the idea of 'no Marathon' (GASP) for a year to decrease mileage, run halves, 10k, and tris, get climbing again, ski through the winter
-Keep saving money
I am shooting for an awesome 2012, but why not.
I will leave you with the pizza Adam and I made from scratch this past weekend

I don't want to do this, but on a bad note, a muscle within my hip flexor is acting up and starting to get me down causing more pain than I like .
But with that said, I get to help Miss Amy Rathke help complete her goals in the running world starting this afternoon and what better way to counter balance an injury with someone else's running.

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