Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just call me Dr. Pearson

WY I Run... "Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel"
Which is why I have used other activities to keep me motivated. I need these passions whether working towards the bigger picture of running again or simply running to help motivate me in all aspects of life. I struggle with taking it from a passion to a chore and overcompensation.

This week I have continued to bust some moves in the water and stay active
Wednesday: Aqua Jog (60) and Core and Trainer (70)
Thursday:  Elliptical (90) and Swim 2000 M (50)-- This was a workout of drills which colleague, Lauren has shown me, desperately trying to help my flailing swim technique. It definitely took a lot more work for each length and I am still astonished at the point in the workout where is says k UW NB, which translates to streamline on stomach underwater with no breath. 
A. I can't kick that hard to get across the pool with no breaths, I move like a turtle and
B. I can push my body underwater enough, I float back up. I will keep you posted on this.
I also did another arm workout-- trying to work this strength training thing into my routine. All research says strong muscles cradle your fragile bones better so in desperate attempts, here goes nothing.
Friday: Aqua Jog (60) and Core and Trainer (70)

Just thought I needed to add a picture here, so why not me in the dungeon where I have been confined too for 8 weeks.

I failed as a girlfriend this week when I put new dryer sheets in the laundry last weekend which caused Adam to break out into rashes and hives all week. To compensate, I made dinner a few nights of the week, one of those being homemade Tilapia fishsticks which probably exasperated some other allergy, but come on. I tried.

** Boys may not want to read-- I WARNED YOU
Other endeavors of the week is trying to find the best doctor in the limited time that I have in Boston to tell me lots of things I already know and then give me a scrip which cures me. 
So I have my own diagnosis before I get back on the road. I have been without that women cycle for a few years and which is what produces estrogen and in turn acts as silly puddy as your bones start to weaken in certain areas, filling in the gaps, depositing strength into your bones until you actually face menopause. Here's the thing, without any estrogen, I have no filler and as much as running strengthens your bones as a weight bearing exercise, I am negating these efforts without the puddy. Not having aunt flow visit can be a culmination of various factors; intensity, body fat and other nutritional aspects so there is no easy fix. Although, I have absolutely lessened intensity in these past 4 weeks, it will still take some time for my hippocampus (which controls the menstrual cycle) to re-boot and start these cycles and while I am hoping this will be the case, I can't be sure. I am predicting that the only other way to get these hormones back in this bod is to go on the infamous 'pill' (which is a dreaded word in my head). I have read some research on some hormones in the form of a pill being taken for a 5 day period to re-boot the process and then have it hopefully return to a natural cycle. This seems to be something I could handle. But with all of this research, I think I am on the right track and need to make this happen before I get back on these legs. I have been referred to Dr. Lyle Micheli who works closely with the Boston ballet and will be picking his brain in the next month!

And I swear, these doctors think they are celebrities, I mean, you would think I was calling Angelina and Brad's house as the thought of talking to them is not happening. Oops. I didn't know. If only their assistants would show some compassion and not bite my head off for asking just the simplest of questions. DO THEY KNOW WHO I AM AND NO THAT I HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE IN MY HIP.
I haven't given you all the full description of my injury so here is what is going on. Not as bad at the fracture here, as mine is a fatigue one, but there it is in a general sense.

Other news, I mentioned some races to my coach and got the 'hold your horses' response. Ahhh.. I am just trying to work off the hope that I will run again, I mean skipping the Boston Marathon is frustrating enough-- thinking of ways to get my race packet (any ideas???) and wear the Boston 2012 shirt in there with pride, I am just kidding, but I do want the Luna bars or whatever free goodies I get in there. 
I can't wait to start giving race reviews even if they are the races that I made up in my head since I can't register for anything right now and they will all be full by the time of my hopeful 'recovery.'
Live on Lander Half...
While I might not be able to run, Amy can, so a Friday night rendezvous at Old Town Coffee was just what we needed to catch up and talk a little bit of running to gear her up for the Big Horn race!

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