Sunday, February 19, 2012

Endless Direction

WY I RUN... Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Oh how I miss you, frosted eyelashes in the crisp morning air (a.k.a. Running)

Wednesday: Aqua Jog (60). I didn't even have the energy to do Core after the pool and submitted to a nap at my lunch hour. I think that is a sign from my body and I listened. A 40 minute power nap it was.
Thursday: Elliptical (90), threw some 3x3 in there and Core. Swim for (60) 2900 M which is a PDR (Personal Distance Record) 
Friday: Aqua Jog (60) with Bungee. Side note: Amy heard some older folks in the hot tub on Friday say something along the lines of, "she looks really determined and is here all the time, I don't know what she is going, treading water?" I think that officially deems me the crazy lady at the pool. If I can't be a runner, I might as well be the crazy lady.

I was going to start this post off with an adorable picture of Taylor in her first knitted hat that she busted out in hours on our coffee date, but my phone died on me and I think it is gone for good. If I do recover it, I promise to post. Sorry Tay!

My week seemed to tire me out and I struggled a bit at work with few people in the office and working on 'what I am really doing' and 'what are my goals.' As you probably can tell, I am a goal-oriented person and work best with the motivation from these set goals. Well, something has happened in the past weeks that has brought on a new perspective to my career goals (or lack thereof).

I realize that as part of my lifestyle, I use running as self - fulfillment and self worth as I strive to accomplish various marks I set for myself. With this, I was happy, excited and motivated. I loved my job, I was happy in the work world and basically hit my goals by the time I got to the office. Now, I have found myself in a sticky situation. While I have continued to keep a routine and workout before work, it is nothing like training for a race and hitting paces.

Without this, the self-fulfillment is lost and I have come to realize that my career is not doing this for me, whether it be anymore or  it never did. I don't have running right now, which is the first time in a while and reality has hit... hard. I may not always have running in my life and being so dependent on this sport is something I need to face RIGHT NOW. It has emptied out this area in my life and I need to fill in the holes.

From here on out, I am going to create goals within my current position, look in various directions of potential positions that would fit me in the future, and research other directions (exercise physiology) that I might want to head in and take steps to get there. Nothing lasts forever, but I feel what I feel right now and I can make decision to feel better.

In the science world, I got a copy of my MRI and X-ray and just can't see any fracture in the millions of images there are. I guess I will leave it up to the doctor, but for your own viewing pleasure, here they are.

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