Tuesday, February 14, 2012


WY I Run... Mental venting (which why my emotion are so a rye without it)

Saturday: Elliptical (100) and Aqua Jog (40). I also got my hands on the heavy brick they have at the pool which I may have taken from a 6 year old boy and entertained Adam as it pulled me to the bottom so I could walk underwater.
Sunday:  Trainer (2 Hours) and Aqua Jog (30). A little more horsing around the waters. Man, I could do it all day long and some hot tub lounging. Back and forth.
Monday: Elliptical (60) and Core and then Aqua Jog (60). I brought out the big guns and used the bungee for some resistance. I finally got the heart rate up.

Tuesday: Elliptical (85) Hard session with 5 min medium, 2 Hard, 5 medium, 2 hard, 2 Easy x 3 and Swim 2550 (50)

Saturday the debate was on, to go or not to go. The Lander Art Center was having it's annual Wine and Chocolate benefit for $30 a person and tired me, said NO... but, the Pearson trying to get out the door more said... YES and so we did. And while my belly was a wounded soldier by the end. The chocolates and appetizers were fantastic and it was jammed packed. Adam and I were the ones in the corner hoarding all of the chocolate. Oops.
 We woke up Sunday morning to a hearty breakfast created by Adam and the fruit salad by me. Some good 'ole fashion scrambled eggs and elk sausage.

The weekend culminated with a 'chat and relax' session with Amy and Anna. It involved Pearson laying on the couch blabbering away and casually flipping through magazines as Amy and Anna fueled their creative minds with projects out of my realm.

 Last night I got to catch up with Taylor who just got off her Skiing seminar and now is checked off as a winter NOLS instructor. Woop woop. I promise a picture.. of her and her knitting. We chatted and caught up at Old Town Coffee
The swankiest coffee shop in town

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