Sunday, February 26, 2012

Travel Woes and Secrets

WY I RUN... Manage my anxiety, esp. during travel season (might have gotten the best of me this time)

Wednesday:  Aqua Jog (60) Pyramid Workout. I jumped in the water with my waterproof iPod case... OPEN, Travel Woe #1. Trainer (70)

Thursday: In true WY I Run fashion, I checked out the local gyms beforehand in Casper where I was spending the night. The closest was a 24-hour gym which I presumed would require a card of sorts to get in so my next closest option was the Wyoming Athletic Club (Note: Plan A and B). At 4:45, I ventured first to Super Fit where I lucked out as someone was coming out. Elliptical (90), some Core and Bike (30). I promise to buy a pass next time, but was in a bind.

    Friday: Headed over to our local gym with dad. It turns out the men in the early crowd have a running bet/pool of whether my dad will show up and when. When my dad get there, he proceeds to tie a towel around his head like a ninja and run his little heart out for 30 minutes. For a man that told me that I wouldn't consider what he did running, I got to watch him from behind on the Arc Trainer (90) and he looked AMAZING. I am so happy my dad is trying his best and getting on the treadmill again. Definitely makes a daughter proud.
I managed to muster up some energy after my last NOLS event of the day and make it to a nearby pool and bust out 3400 yd (60) and then home for dinner and movie with the rents. I honestly couldn't have asked for more except for a better movie.
If you are looking for a comedy, which we were, do NOT go see the Descendants

To continue with the theme, Travel Woe #2, My computer crashed an hour before I left for Casper. Infosys was able to get a loaner prepared with all memory from the day before in the time. Frustrated at the time, I am grateful for the hard work. Travel Woe #3, sitting on the runway as the place de-iced watching my connection window get smaller and smaller. All of these were those I can get very frantic about, but have to remember that it is not productive and have to deal with what is given to me.

Some travel secrets, plan, plan, plan. #1 Pack a lunch and snack in a tupperware before hand so you are not stuck in a bind with unhealthy options and maybe no time to grab anything. #2 Have all of your electronics charged and all chargers packed beforehand so you don't forget and buy you 15th phone charger. #3 Roll you clothes, you save so much space in your suitcase. #4 Check-in and print out ticket if possible and carry a credit card and your ID loose in your pocket so you can just grab it out and put it away finally when you arrive at your destination.

I arrived to grilled Salmon with mom and dad and have hit 100,000 Miles with United

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