Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On the road again...


Saturday: Elliptical-- Jenky one at home. I think I am the only one who has used it. (90-double). Aqua jog (60) and Swim 1900 yd (30). Yes, I was bored at home after I took my parents to the airport and occupied myself.
Sunday:  Bike (60) and Core, Elliptical (30), Aqua Jog (30) and Swim 900 yd. (15).
Monday: Arc (90) and abs and Jenky Hotel Bike (60)

Tuesday: Free Pass to Core Fitness, Elliptical (2 Hrs.) and went to a Best Western, Aqua Jog (50)

Well, sure enough I went to the apple store on Saturday night and the first employer I met had gone 'swimming' with this his iPod. After I told him, I actually SWAM with my iPod and was equipped with $100 from my dad, he plugged that baby in and sure enough. After a few days of rice, it was re-born.

Some other weekend happenings, some shopping at Marshalls and Soft Surroundings ( I found the catalog at home and love it)

I ventured to the newest Great Harvest Bread Co with my LivingSocial coupon and stocked up at Trader Joe's (It is soo cheap. I also might have bought a few of the frozen meals, the eggplant lasagna is to die for) and for some lunches, snacks and breakfast on the road. Because arriving home, per usual, there were science projects growing in the fridge.
Moldy Food
My parents left me for the weekend, so there was some relaxing time interlaced in my weekend and it felt quite nice. Now, I am on the road again and nostalgia has been hitting me hard as I hydrate on this.
I also have been blessed with some complimentary breakfasts to stock up on my Peanut butter packets and fruits to go along with my tips to eating healthy on the road.
I food hoarder's dream:

Now, as the biggest snow storm og the season is on the way. I leave you with my usual sightings of

 The middle of frickin' nowhere

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