Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Could it be...Runs in my future

WY I RUN...In the words of C Tolle, "Get after it." I definitely did that this week, maxing out my hours of activity at 19 hours.
*** I am going to be able to go on full fledged walks and a minute of running x3 on each walk next week. Who would have thought a minute of running could make a girl so excited.

Saturday: Lazy Arc Trainer (75) and Aqua Jog (60) and Swim (30). Did this at the Weymouth Athletic Club, what a facility.
Sunday: Bike (80), Hard effort of some steady pace and intervals and Aqua Jog (60)
Monday: Arc, medium effort (90) and Swim (30) and Aqua Jog (30)
Tuesday: Spin Bike, hard effort (60) and Elliptical (60) with some core-- Slacking in this dept, need to work on it.

Blasts from the past. While I am home, I like to catch up with gals back here as much as possible.
 Marissa and I met on Saturday morning at Starbucks and had to set a time limit to catch up since we could have honestly sat there all day long. Nothing like a friends from kindergarten... one thing I miss about being home. This chick is getting married next May and works her butt off at a public school giving these kids an education of a lifetime.

I got to hang out with mom for the remainder of the day after a Orthodontist appt and we spent some time getting ready for the NOLS reception.

Sunday morning, I ventured back to Starbucks to meet Kate, another Kindergarten buddy who has just moved back to Boston since she was offered a super impressive investment analysis position. I don't even know what that means.

My dad came home on Sunday night and I couldn't help but capture this moment. I am not one to judge but a gallon of soy sauce.

I finished off my tour with an incredibly successful presentation and onto a reception held at my house. It was fun to show my parents exactly what I do.
I had my sports medicine specific doctor's appt with Dr. Lyle Micheli and it went great. He did not seemed concerned in the least and with all of the tests he did, he said, I should be doing BRISK walks for 40 min, 3x a week. He had mentioned an Endocrinologist in the area and a running clinic he wanted me to attend for some gate analysis, but due to the obvious reasons, he is getting back to me with some Denver doctors. It definitely gives me a lot of ease seeking out the top doctors in this field and knowing that I am on the right track to getting healthy.
There is little research in this amenhorrhea, bone density, endurance athlete, woman's realm which motivates me more to get back to the books and see how I can contribute to a topic that resonates so close to me.
With some sad goodbyes, but some hopeful visits in the future. My parents have vowed to come to Lander, WY.

 I took some tired, just cried creepy head shots in the airport and thought you would all appreciate my 'artsty' spin on these babies. My new calling: a narcissistic 'artsy' photographer.


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