Monday, March 12, 2012

Mini Week

WY I Run... A little understanding from the elites goes a long way. Funny, I am not the only one who has had a stress fracture @runcamille

Wednesday: Aqua Jog, pyramid and med/hard effort (60), Swim 1800yd (30) at the Casper Rec Center. Spin Easy (60)

 Thursday: Aqua Jog with Bungee (75) and Swim 1600 M (30) in the a.m. and then Elliptical Easy (40)
Friday: Elliptical Medium (90) and Bike (50)

I have finally taken notice that I was spinning my wheels in the workout world with no method to the madness and shot a quick e-mail to my coach to guide me on efforts and amount of workouts. You will be surprised to know, he did not necessarily decrease the amount, but rather added efforts to each workout so I had the proper recovery and anaerobic/aerobic push during each.

Contacting doctors for a nutritionist and such as been easier since I am now Dr. Micheli patient.

Arriving back in Lander after two weeks away is always a pleasant welcome home. I hemmed and hawed getting back organized and welcomed the weekend with open arms.

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