Saturday, March 3, 2012

First snow in the Northeast...

while I am traveling. Just my luck

WY I RUN... a common bond between others who think like me and the like minded attitude of a woman runner that can sometimes be uncanny.

Wednesday: Elliptical (90) and Bike (20) and Core at Supreme Fitness and Swim 3400 yds (60) at Keene, NH YMCA
Thursday: Back to Supreme Fitness definitely not the creme of the crop when it comes to gym, Elliptical (75), 3 x (5 med, 2 hard, 5 med,2 hard, 2 easy) and Bike (30). Working out this 'gym' definitely shows some dedication. Swim in Middlebury, 3400 yds (60)
Friday: Woke up too early to workout at the nearby club which my hotel gave passes too. Elliptical (90) and Bike (30)

The storm of the season hit while I was in town and the eye of it seemed to be at my Super 8. The roads were so bad and being in the rental car scared me to death. I managed to keep it to 30 mph on the 65 mph highway on my way to Green Mountain College and the Putney School, both schools breeding NOLS students.
The Putney School

I did take in the adorable Vermont towns that I was able to wind through.

On a bit more serious note, I wanted to share a post that has really resonated with me and one I want to share here. I have spent the past year researching it in depth: Disordered Eating in Women Endurance Runners. This a topic that I simply want to raise awareness about.
There a certain personal story tangled into this, but I am holding off, not wanting to share too much personal information. Although reality has whacked me in the face with this recent femoral stress fracture,  I want to introduce this topic to the blog and think it is described well in this post by Janae of at Hungry Runner Girl who highlights a recent article in Runner's World, Running on Empty .

I was able to see both of my sisters for the Friday night they were home before they went there separate ways, Greece and Mexico. Yea, don't want to talk about it. My mom and I met Carter at her choir performance downtown

And then had dinner at the one and only Silvertone with Page and the girls she was going to Mexico with. Nothing like a night with family. Through all the drama, tears and irritation, there is so much love and compassion for family!

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