Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't Stop It Now

I am talking about the sunshine (minus the sunburn).
WY I RUN... To get outside during sunshine days

Wednesday: Elliptical Easy (45) and Bike Hard with longer medium and short hard efforts (45) later I swam 2650 M working on TI drills (60)
Thursday: Elliptical Moderate (60) and Core, but was feeling extra tired this morning. The afternoon I got to walk 8 min and run 2 min x 3 (60)
My self portrait for your viewing pleasure

Friday:  Adam and I finished our second swim lesson with LT and it was phenomenal, think dolphin kicks, flip turns and more.... Later I managed a 2 hour bike ride. I was psyched to get in a little over 35 miles making my mph pretty decent.
It caused this though....

My poor winter skin

 This what I walked passed on my way to work on Friday....

Who else can't wait?
Friday evening entailed some 2 for 1 entree business at the infamous restaurant in town, The Cowfish.
After, we made it to the Wyoming made ski movie, which I won a copy of as well as Jackson resort ticket in the raffle. I never win.

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