Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party On?

WY I RUN... for inner- dialogue and self reflection

Saturday: Ride 19 Miles with Curtis (75), Walk w/ 4x 9 min walk/1 min run, Elliptical (60), Swim work on Total Immersion (TI), recently learned from our swim lesson drills and swimming, 1800yd (40)
* This was too much and a step back in the right direction to recovery. Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself. More does not always equal better.
Bike ride with this guy
Sunday: Trainer (90), Elliptical (30) and More Swim and TI drills, 1600 M (35)
I also embarked on a morning walk which included this,

 And for little taste of Lander...
Monday: Elliptical Moderate (60), Walk 3x 8min/ 2min Run (60)
Tuesday: Bike Hard (45) and Aqua Jog Hard (45), Elliptical Medium (60)-- Long day

The weekend included chores, warm weather and some social occasions, yes, on my own, I stayed out until 10:30-11 both nights. On that note, I want to examine a 'good' social event v. a 'bad' one in the mind of Pearson Smith.

As an introvert, I definitely struggle with the option to leave the comfort of my home and socialize or cater to my own desires and spend the evening alone. Each time I am faced with this decision, the answer varies. Sometimes, I have planned for the event and can force the mood and other times I feel like I 'should' at least give it a go and can leave when need be, but sometimes I have to settle and give in to my 'needs' and make it a "P NIGHT."

Friday night, I went over to a friends home and enjoyed a smaller get together equipped with a fire and a hot tub and the luxury to leave by 10 p.m. This type of personal gathering is one I cope quite well with. On the opposite end of the end of the spectrum, I forced myself to the Lander Bar at 9:30 p.m. on St. Patty's and that's when the sensory overload was in full swing and I could only manage a distracted conversation before I left.

Characteristics of my personality or being an introvert makes these types of toils common and are ones that I have become more and more comfortable with. After all, I am who I am.

Traits of an Introvert:
Inside Scoop on your introverted Friends,
It's about the energy
-Social Interactions are draining
-Leave a party soon after arriving
-Stretch of interaction requires days of solitude to recover
-"I'm not shy. When I'm in the mood to socialize, I'm perfectly friendly and outgoing. When I'm reluctant to socialize, it's choice, not fear"
-When I decline an invitation, don't push, I have reasons and it's valid
The more is not merrier:
-Prefer one-on-one than groups
Anything but the telephone

Another little tid bit that most will laugh when they see, since most know me for either 'not going out' or 'going to bed at 8 a.m.' 

How to Piss off an Introvert
Psychology Today:
"You don't know how to have fun." I believe we've covered this in a previous post. I know how to have fun. It just doesn't involve crowds, high decibels, or costumes. Maybe you're the one who doesn't know how to have fun--d'ja ever think about that?
"Oh, come on!" That's an unacceptable response to my polite refusal to participate in something that doesn't look fun. And if you grab my arm and try to drag me into it, I am not responsible for my actions. I promise you, expletives will occur.

"Party pooper!" Do what you want, I don't care. I'm not pooping on your party. If anything, I'm pooping on my own party and that's none of your beeswax. I'm pretty sure you'll manage to continue having fun even if I'm not there.

"You're not an introvert." Maybe I'm not what you think an introvert is, but if you'll shut your piehole and let me explain, I'll tell you what makes me an introvert.

So, there you have it. Some fun and interesting (at least I think so) about my personality and why I act the way I do.
Do you think you harbor more introverted or extroverted traits?

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