Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I think I'll go for a walk outside now

WY I Run... the summer sun's my name
(i hear now)
i just can't stay inside all day
i gotta get out get me some of those rays

NOW, that's a weekend. 

Saturday: Nordic Ski (cleared by the doctor).
I honestly can't describe the feeling of sunshine beaming down, lungs burning from a little bit of cardio  and being outside. After weeks indoors, my mom mentioned my pale skin and dingy colored hair while I was home, I let the Vitamin D in. Adam and I got to ski with these two. After months in Patagonia, they have arrived. 
A little bogged down from the week, with Adam's help, I made the decision to call that my one activity for the day and take a 'rest' day. We got to go over to Riley's and munched on Donna's homemade lasagna and chocolate cake, nothing likes a 'mom cooked meal.'

Sunday: Bike (90) ~ 30 Miles. Some more 60 degree weather and sunshine. I will take it. 
Aqua Jog (30) and Swim 900 M (15)
Can't touch this.
Both mornings included pancakes or waffles. Adam and I engaged in a bit of motivation watching bits and pieces of 10 hr triathlons before getting our butts out the door ( I know you want to hang with us). 
Monday: Elliptical Easy (60) with Core, Hips and walking exercise. And in the afternoon, I RAN. It was 3 x (9 min walk and 1 min run) and my smile could not be wiped. A bit of a tease though and makes me want to get back on the roads. 
I have noticed, I am pretty paranoid about any feeling in my hip area, worried it is broken again. My mind is having a hard time deciphering pain, soreness and other just hub bubs of not having used my leg in 2 months. I wonder if this is common when coming back from this type of injury. 
Tuesday: Bike Hard (45) 10 medium, 5 min hard, 2 min on pedal and 5 easy then straight to the pool for Aqua Jog with Bungee (45). Two hard sessions in a row, Jeff shows no mercy, but felt good to really give it a push. IN the afternoon, Elliptical Medium effort (60). 

As much as I want this weather to stay, I know in Wyoming, it won't, but hopefully will be back when my parents visit me. Flights are booked and they are coming to Lander.
Hopefully, there will be none of this-
Icing a foot injury with peas

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