Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prepping for the Red Dirt

WY I RUN...the common bond amongst runners

Wednesday: Bike Hard (45), 10 min. medium, 5 hard, 2 stand, 7 medium, 4 hard, 1 stand. Elliptical Easy (45) and Swim (60), 3100 M.
Thursday: Elliptical Medium, Pyramid (60), 5 x 6 min walk, 4 min run + core + hips.
Friday: Bike Ride, Lions Valley Loop x 2 for 35 Miles (120). The wind was blowing and it wasn't super warm, but the tired legs represented the hard work.
Adam took me out Mountain Biking with Jeff and Stacy's bike at the bus loop after work. We rode for about 35 minutes. For the first time with tired legs, it was hard and I was definitely a bit tentative, but I am excited to keep trying so I can cruise in Moab (where all of the red dirt is) in a few weeks. Instead of Boston Marathon, we are taking our own little mini vacation.

Exciting news on the blog front. Tina, from CarrotsNCake, the first blog I ever read and now has a readership of about a billion was calling for guest bloggers while on her cruise. I decided to give it a whirl and sent her a post. Out of 200 entries to guest blog, she had to pick 12 and guess who will be featured... WY I RUN!
And since I know you all are on the edge of your seats, I will make sure to link to the post when I am featured.

And a shout out to my super fan (a role which is much reciprocated), Amy Rathke at Lunch All Day. She is crushing at the Boulder Half this weekend, running like the wind to the sub 2 hour PR. In words of C Tolle, "Get After It."

Don't worry, I already told her that I wanted to stick needles in her eyes since I was so jealous of her racing. But at least it is all out on the table.

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