Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Patience, patience

WY I RUN.. these words that are so pertinent in my life right now. I need a tape recorder in my head to keep them on repeat. In regards to life steps and running, patience is key.

Saturday: Bike Ride with Adam (90) about 23 hard, windy, left alone miles. Walk/Run, up to 5x5 min of running (60) and then a night swim of about 1650 yds (30)
Some organizing and cleaning was on the agenda which counts as exercise.
Can't a woman show off her man
 Sunday: Back up climbing. I killed it on top rope, (When the rope is anchored above the climber so they are always protected). That's right, I was protected the entire day and I am happy with that.

** When I first got to Lander, a climbing community, I took to climbing very easily (a gymnastics background). I did not really have any idea of the consequences, but was pretty fearless on the wall and climbed almost everyday. I was able to lead (unprotected climbing... essentially bringing the rope up to the anchor) throughout 2009 and successfully increased the grade that I was able to climb.

Since then, running took over, I haven't been climbing much and I got smarter. It is scary up there. I still have some strands of fearlessness, but for now I am working my way back to the wall and climbing steadily... PATIENCE.

Monday: Elliptical Medium effort (60) and 6 x 5 min Run and 5 minWalk (60) with Core and Abs
Tuesday: Bike Hard (45) and Aqua Jog Hard (45) and the Elliptical Medium (60) in the afternoon. 

Starting episodes of the new series Smash.

I have recently finished some books...
This one follows the CU-Boulder Cross Country team and I LOVED it. I was engrossed by the quantity and rigor in which these men trained and the heart and soul they poured into this sport. Their undying love and commitment is inspiring and will make you realize those 5 a.m. intervals are nothing. Between the emotional connection within the team and the coach and the logistics of each workout and race, I could not get enough. If you like to read about running, read this!

A little more of a chick novel, I read Girl in Translation.
It took me a while to get into, but once I did, I was hooked. It follows a mom and daughter who immigrated to NYC. They have been absolutely belittled by an Aunt and played for fools. With the daughter's brain and motivation and through many trials and tribulations, they crawl to freedom and success. After winters in a broke home and hours in an industrial factory, their love and determination keeps them alive.

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