Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoppity Hop

WY I RUN... 
I swam over a mile today & took a second off my 100 free. If only my running were progressing.

( A Tweet from a professional runner, oh how I can sympathize) 

After a bit of a break down on Friday, I think I am back on track for the time being. 

Saturday: My first time running consecutively, 30 minutes in some brutal wind. Adam and I jumped on the trainer for 2 hours watching the movie Hop at this sister's house and later performed some core. I had some helpers!

Sunday: What a treat to wake up to an Easter egg hunt and share it with some of the cutest boys who can't get enough of the Easter Bunny.
Adam and I walked downstairs to this...

And Painted this...
 We took the long way to Adam's other sister's house and biked on a gorgeous Easter morning for a yummy brunch. We got 20 Miles in the big city of Cheyenne, WY

Why does my ponytail have to stick straight out from the back of my head?

I found my Easter bunny

 Monday: Elliptical (60) and 30 min Run with no pain. I have some sore inner thighs and groin but hoping this is simply from the running adjustment.

Tuesday: Elliptical (45) and Aqua Jog (45) and an afternoon bike with Adam 1:15 min, 20 miles

I got this text from Page, my sister, saying, "I am pretty sure that is powdered doughnut on my face and it is still there." Made my day

Count down to Moab!

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