Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Climbing and Confession

WY I Run... because I freakin' love it

6/13: 8 Miles Easy and Quality Swim or so says the loosely followed Olympic Triathlon plan (50). I worked on some drills as well as all out 100s. A co-worker is helping me formulate a sense of times and distances.
6/14: 10 Miles with 4 x20 and core. Was supposed to get in a quality cycle, but after a flat and a three mile walk into town followed by tears, I (or Adam) decided someone may be a bit tired and could use some extra rest.
6/15: 8 Miles~ 1 w/u, 6 Steady @ 7:25ish, 1 c/d with Strength. Still feeling great and trying not to get ahead of myself. Swam right after so legs weren't moving too well, 2600m (56)
6/16: Woke up early to beat the heat and managed my longest run since injury, 16 Miles and paced myself to a T, starting at mid-8s, up and around the death hill, ending with downward rolling in the 7s and a final mile at 7:10. Then, my favorite part, recovery.
Chocolate Milk
My Heaven: Ice bath in a river with a Mag
Followed by compression and then some rock climbing. Since this activity does not take precedence these days, we have to go out with a laid back attitude and with this, we succeeded. Wild Iris, here we go.

Thinking about how irritating I am

Camera skills to use
 My climbing preparation.
My rope

My figure eight

And... my shoes
I managed to jump on the rope first and lead two climbs which is the first in a while. They were two of my favorite back in the day, when I climbed. "Annie, get your drill" and "Phat Finger Frenzy."
6/16: A Ride with Lonnie and Casey (1:32) and then lounging to some more rock climbing, which didn't as well since it was our first time at the Shady Side and managed to jump on the wrong climb. Tis life!

 6/18: 8 Miles with 4 x20 with Core and Swam 1200 (25). Rode in the afternoon, SUPER WINDY, (60)
6/19: 9 MIles~ 2 w/u, 3 Miles @ 7:25ish and 6x 1 min @6:15, 2 c/d and Leg Circuit. Swim (60)

And here comes the confession... from the weekend
After anxiously refreshing the Big Horn Trail Run results page and then ultimately getting a text stating 3:19, I started jumping around and yelling some mumbo jumbo to Adam.

I thought I only got this feeling for myself... but after years of internal battles, I feel elated for another's accomplishment.
This was not the pretend excited while wishing bad thoughts ( Come on, you have all been there).

I am going to go ahead and call her, my first athlete, Amy Rathke. I have worked with her since January on a loosely designed running schedule more so to keep her consistently building a running base until the Big Horn 30k on June 16th.
We worked through some good runs and bad. Having experienced both and everything in between, I was able to keep it honest and knew exactly when to motivate and when to reassure. I never thought, I would come into this role.
Remember, I was the gymnast wishing my teammate to gracefully fall off the balance beam. How on earth was I actually getting  fulfillment from helping someone else do what I love so near and dear to my heart (which craves competition)?  By golly, I think I know.
Finally, after so many years, I allowed all of my natural feelings to come to light, accepting them and then making the decision of what to do with them. Finally, after all of these years, I indulge in MY passion and perform on my own accord regardless of other's endeavors. With these culminating factors, I can pass on my passion. After a first draft and an inspiring learning experience, I am ready to take on this new fulfillment.
Amy and I set some goals, went over some race plans/strategies, and most importantly, got her in the right head space ( I was riding on her shoulder). Without further adieu, she crushed her goals and came out on top. And in what would have been a previous unlikely scenario, I came out on top with her.

Side note: You still probably don't want to hear my thoughts before a race ;)

It's the champ

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