Tuesday, June 26, 2012

True Rest

WY I RUN... a coveted relationship

6/20: Cycle with Casey Dean ~23 Miles. Good to have a little pull on the bike to push my comfortable pace. 8 Miles Easy run in the afternoon
6/21: 10 Miles Tempo- w/u miles with alternating tempo every other for 6 miles and c/d with Strength. 2500m Swim in the afternoon with hypoxic breathing and pushing 100s with total recovery (helping my speed)
6/22: 8 Miles Easy and after being let out early from work, managed a 50 minute ride in what felt like a blow dryer.
6/23: Up early to beat the heat, 14 Miles with miles 10-13 sub 7:10. It was hot, but felt manageable and fun to push. Followed this activity with massage and family swim.
6/24: 6 Miles Easy and 32 minute open water swim dodging frequent motor boats, jet skis and all other heavy machinery that revs an engine on water.
Mistaken for drowning or sea monsters by those Wyoming residents unfamiliar with activity of swimming

6/25: REST--
6/26: 23 Miles Cycle with 5 min intervals (if you can call them that) and 2500-2700m Swim.

Weekly Tid-bits
Pulled from the back of the closet, a 5 year old Page hand-me-down

A clip from the Buffalo Bulletin highlighting the Triathlon

This meal that I cooked... two meals in a row last week. Never happens (I am a girl after my mom's heart)
Adapted from this Eating Well Recipe: Shrimp Chili Cornbread

Adam's nephew's cake which his sister's created... kudos to them as my patience would never cooperate for this task!

Freak out...
Monday I didn't do anything.The femoral neck said so, so I obliged. It's been a while. I think I sometimes lead you all on to the idea that I am resting, but really it is after a swim, bike, or both. But since I am not running, I say it's rest. Well Pearson... it's not.

After both runs this weekend, I felt a pang in the femoral neck area. Not during the run, but rather during some down time after. It wasn't painful or sharp, but noticeable and since I am sensitive  to any energy in that area, I reacted. I cried, I contemplated, and I answered. I immediately go to the idea that it is broken again and I am done for, out for the season. But after some conversations with my coach, a day off of the pounding would be the first step. To ease my mind, we talked about the area being fatigued or perhaps a flare up but that a day or two off now would be well worth it later ( Can I pound this into my head enough???).

A rest day... how simple, yet so complicated. Will I get slower? Will I lose fitness? Will I get fat? How should I eat to compensate? So many thoughts regarding a simple day within a lifetime. As much as, "It's only ONE day" runs through your head, it is still a 24-hour battle. I feel lazy, I feel full, fat, sloth-like, worthless. But here come the warriors with some combative remarks. My muscles are repairing, my bones are resting, I will be faster, stronger, healthier, and not as tired due to this day... and tomorrow, I can bike for a bit for mental sanity and assuming, no throbs or pangs along the way, will be back on schedule on Wednesday. Like Jeff says, the fitness lost... ZILCH.

This idea o f a rest day is heavenly to some and treacherous to others ( we know where I fall). Keep in mind, it is one day. Relish in the extra sleep and this ample amount of time you have to utilize. I wish it were easy and I wish I could say it was the best day ever for me. It wasn't, but I took it, and there has been no pain and the mental battle was a stride in itself as I continue on my  journey...


Before signing off, I have to mention Lauren Fleshman. An elite runner battling an IT injury since November has not been able to string together an entire 5k leading up to the Olympic trials and has stayed fit through running (sprinting) 10 miles per week, swimming and some elliptigo. This chick pulled off 6th place last night advancing to the finals. If that's not determination, I don't know what is. Check her story out...

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  1. man i saw lauren! We know her hubby from racing. Injuries are such an internal battle, but you will overcome. Rest.. torture, but healthy!