Friday, July 13, 2012

Back on the Bandwagon

WY I RUN...  to compete

After returning from Portland, I am back to blogging and running. Life is good!

7/4:  Had to miss the Lander Half Marathon which is one I have competed in the past three years and one I did not want to miss. Oh well, these decisions only make me stronger. I headed for a 4th of July ride of 30 Miles after an epic game of kickball the night before. The 'United Gamblers' came out on top.
7/5: 3 Mile Run with some walking as well as 22 Miles of cycling
7/6: Aqua Jog (30)  Swim (60)-- lighter swim with out sets of 100s on certain times, which have been  workouts that have been helping me push through swims. I walked for 30 min before we got in the car to Portland.
7/7: 6 Mile run and Elliptical (40) after our second car ride for some leg movement
7/8: 6 Mile Run, Elliptical (30),  ~30+ Miles of biking b/w my own ride, biking from the hotel to the Triathlon and biking around to see adam
7/9: 6 Miles, Elliptical (30) and Adam and I tried our skills at Stand Up Paddling along the Willamette River. A relaxing, refreshing activity.
Some random guy out on the river, but wanted the action shot

7/10: 8 Miles and 11 Hour drive
7/11:  Finally, back to a little bit of a workout and feeling good, 9 Miles- 2 w/u, 3x 2 @ 6:40-50, 1 c/d done  in a random park in Logan, UT and then Aqua Jog (35)

Portland Highlights:
Having never been to the Northwest, while the city was fun for a few days, the landscape, lakes and greenery was incredible and have I found a new love in the art of spectating.

We drove straight to the expo where we sat and listened to the Pro Panel answer questions, one being Jesse Thomas and who better to be sitting inches in front of me than his wife, Lauren Fleshman (definitely a running inspiration to me).

I couldn't waste my chance and managed to introduce myself after the panel and talk with her for about 30 min on everything running, injury and future endeavors!
Definitely a HIGHLIGHT
I also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hemsley as part of the expo. Specializing in Active Release Technique, he was first able to analyze some of my movements and then work on the area or origin of the areas that I was complaining about. The trepidation of my bones breaking was prohibiting me from stretching and therein lay the problem. The muscles in my right hip were seized and with some stretching and other dynamic movement, they have begun to release and am back on the road. I was able to return to him the next day for even more improvement... I hardly ever have this opportunity, one of few downfalls of small town Wyoming.

Portland Rev Triathlon:
Not being the competitor, I only have so much information. Adam went into this race with solid training and everything pointed towards success. He had nailed down nutrition and hydration or so he thought. With higher than normal temps, being a big sweater and missing some gatorades/water aid stations,  cramping and dehydration debilitated him on one of the hardest bike courses to date. Following this deficit, the run did not end well and it is a learning experience for the next.
But here is the tremendous effort in pictures...

He looked amazing to me and the whole time, I could just think... I am so glad I am not doing this!
And here is the women's winner, Angela Naeth
The women kicked butt

The food:
Thanks to a friend, Mei, we hit up all of the right spots in Portland.
The Farm Cafe where I ordered the famous Veggie Burger, mostly eggplant, Duff from 'Ace of Cakes' donned the 'Best burger he ever Ate'

The Bridgeport Brewery the night of the race-

 Hunting down ice cream at the recommended Cool Moon where I had a Salty Caramel.

Besaw's for Breakfast, with famous rosemary potatoes and I fell victim to the Wild Salmon scramble
The last breakfast was a destination of Man v. Foods where Adam (on the show) indulged in the Mancakes. I did not get these, but loved the atmosphere of Stepping Stone.

And every adventure requires much of this...
The reason Adam has fallen so deeply in love with me

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