Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New York Deli Style

WY I RUN... like-minded friends and support

7/11: 2 w/u, 3x2 Miles @6:40-50 with 3 min, 1 c/d. It feels good. Aqua Jog (35)
7/12: 8 Miles Easy with Core. Cycle with Adam (60)
7/13: 10 Miles with 4 x20. Swim with mostly drills (42)
7/14: 16 Miles with a few in there at 7:10. Got a bit dehydrated and hot even though it was morning so didn't hit all the paces. But we all know, one workout doesn't set you back unless you push beyond what your body is ready for. It is about building consistently
7/15:  Rest day and rest I did... no side activities or anything
7/16: 10 Miles with 4 x 20 and Cycle  (45)
7/17: 2 w/u, 6 x 1 Mile @6:40 with 60 seconds, 2 c/d. Breathing hard and lovin' it

Weekly Highlights:
Relaxing -after 16 Miles- in Lander's heat on the river.

International Climber's Festival

Food for thought:
I am back in the running game and finally starting to build mileage and endure some trying workouts. While this does mean rainbows and unicorns for me and lovin' life, in typical fashion, I look ahead. "What of I get injured again," What injury will it be," "There is no way I can make it through a week of training." "Should I think of another activity to occupy me?" These thoughts run like a broken record through my mind while the angel on my shoulder says, "Enjoy training hard and feeling good." I think there is a balance. While I want to be prepared for the future, I can't control what's to come and won't know until it does. I am working on not worrying myself sick with future thoughts and trying to relish in the current ones.

Side note: I have never been a fan of the trend of wearing compression socks during a run. Friday, I tweaked a muscle in my foot and have been using the socks on my runs as support (in the wee hours of the morning) and wow, does it make a difference? I am pretty sure I will never go back. Hmm.. maybe short socks as soon as the foot heals and compression on long run. Psychological or not, I haven't felt nearly as stiff during the days and they support my foot.

Next we are headed to Canada for my high school roommate's wedding. Adam is referring to the vacation as 'New York Deli Style," which has been a resonating phrase for us, meaning it is out of our control (they serve the sandwich how it is posted and you can't have it any other way). A concept hard for me to except, but good for me nonetheless.
Adam just sent this...

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