Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hocus Pocus...Focus

WY I RUN... updates from my favorite endurance podcasts

As the mileage creeps up, my focus slips away. Too many times in the past week have I found myself engaged in a conversation, thinking to myself, "What are they saying?"

7/18: 8 Miles Easy and Swim (2550m)
7/19: 12 Miles: 3 mile w/u, 8 x 90 sec hill repeats @ 6:15 pace w/jog down rest, 3 min rest, 4 miles @ 7:10-13 pace, 2 mile c/d. The hills are just what my body needs... hills are a weakness and I will make them a strength.
7/20: 8 Miles Easy and Core along with a cooler bike ride about 14 MIles
7/21: 16 Miles Easy with the last three at low 7s. Worked on nutrition before, during and after... SUCCESS. It makes a difference. A little swim in the evening.
7/22: 8 Miles Easy and short ride with Adam in the rain.

7/23: 10 Miles Easy with 4 x20 and swim with Casey. This was great to train with a similar swimmer where we could take a normal, hard-ish workout and push each other.
7/24: 10 Miles: 2 w/u, 4 @ 7:10-13, then 4 x 2 min at 5:55-6:10 with 2 min rest, 2 c/d 

Weekly Highlights:

My community plot, with basil and one jalapeno picked

A close-up of the Jalapeno
I made some pesto with our basil and we have yet use our fiery Jalapeno

 After my 16 Miles, I spent the day lounging on the grass in the shade at Lander's Riverfest listening to one of my favorites,  The Patti Fiasco. And not like you would assume, the lead woman singer's name is not Patti. After getting their CD, it has been the only music playing lately, one of my favorites being You break it, you buy it

My first running skirt, actually worn running, made by Brooks.
With the elastic around the edge of the shorts underneath, everything stayed in place and it was very easy piece to run in. Like usual, I wear it once and then for the next 10 days straight until the outfit is unbearably (usually in smell) and then I change it.

Nutrition while running 70-80 Miles a week.
Now talk about meticulous. Grams of carbs, grams of protein, grams of fat... so many numbers, so much math, but something I am willing to dip my toe into. I started working with Jackie, a 2:45 Marathoner and a Registered Sports Dietician for some detailed advice on fueling for optimal running performance. And guess what, although making steps in the right direction, I don't have it down (or even close). After an almost 2 hour conversation and some follow-ups, I have made small breakthroughs in the realm of fueling, before, during and after long runs as well as paying attention to stuff like grams of carbs, proteins and fats. The numbers are pretty outrageous for intake and not knowing much about food and their break up in the categories, I have been doing a lot of label reading. It is a whole change in perspective as it might have been a calorie reading before, it is a fuel and ingredient focus. Once again, it is all about the journey and I am easily fascinated as I continue to learn.

On another note... I can't wait to see these girls and more...

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