Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Somewhere North of Toronto

Note from Greer regarding a magical weekend, "You all have a special place in my heart. With so much love and the best wishes for the rest of your summers. I sign off with sweet memories of Ahmic  lake....."

WY I RUN.. exploring Canada

7/25:  8 Miles Easy and Cycle with Casey (45). She's always pushing me
7/26: 10 Cruise Intervals: 2 mile w/u, 2 x 3 miles (first 2 miles at 6:50 last mile at 7:15 pace) w/3 min rest, 2 mile c/d. An effort workout, but one I could manage. Not in over my head quite yet.
7/27: 8 MIles Easy with some more relaxed walking, jogging, swimming in the afternoon
7/28: Hot, slow 12 Mile Run along with some major dance sessions.
7/29: 8 Miles Easy
7/30: 10 Miles with 4 x 20 and Mountain Biking at Happy Jack in Laramie.
7/31: 9 Mile Tempo, 6 Miles alternating, 6:55, 7:10 and Cycle with 5x5, alternating ON and Steady

Magical Moments
Frances's wedding up in Canada on Ahmic Lake, reunited with my home dogs from boarding school was filled with laughter, dancing, reminiscing and creating new memories.
Days were spent on the lake and evenings were spent celebrating Frances and a joyous weekend in her life.
Milena, T and Caro overlooking Ahmic Lake

Tubing strategy while Jon whipped us around

The bell of the ball.. 

Prepping our finest. T and Mil came to the rescue and rocked the hot rollers out of France's hair

Couldn't be more beautiful

Let's get ready to rumble

The e-mails that followed the weekend:
Milena says, "It really is an incredible bond that we all have..."
Tiernan says, "I couldn't agree with you more, Milena.
I love you all with all of my heart! Can't wait to see you all again so soon.

Frances- what an amazing weekend. You were stunning! And you threw the best wedding weekend! I loved every minute of it!"
Caro says, "it's crazy that we'll go months and years without seeing each other but when we get together it's like nothing has changed. not to be cheesy but you have all grown into such wonderful, interesting and smart women. funny to think of us as little 14-year-old freshmen... :) "

It seems like the consensus is uniform and the bond we have stands strong and this weekend proved it everlasting. Adam said to me as we boarded the plane, "I can't believe how long you have gone without seeing those girls. Your friendship is unlike any other."

Will get my hands on more photos

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