Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Bells are Ringing

WY I RUN... sense of satisfaction through the day
From wedding to the next each one so special in it's own way.

8/1:  8 Miles Easy and 4 Miles shakeout in the afternoon
8/2: 10 Miles Easy with 4 x20 and 2150m Swim with 12 x 75 and 8 min TT. Since I am not spending much time in the pool or on the bike. I have to make them count.
8/3: 8 Miles Steady ~7:15 and 4 Miles in the afternoon
8/4: 16 Miles with 12-15 sub 7:10, ran them at 6:50s and did some major  stretching afterwards. I worked on fueling again and was feeling great by the afternoon.
8/5: Rest day, but did some light Mountain biking with Adam up in the mountains with cooler temps.
8/6: 10 Miles with 4 x 20, Swim 2000m with sets of 100s slowing decreasing rest, 4 Miles shakeout.
8/7: Cruise Intervals of 4 x 1.5, 9 Miles with w/u and c/d and Cycle

Weekly Highlights:
First, a few from France's wedding that seem to keep rolling in...
A ridiculous game of grabbing something with your mouth with no hands...how original!

A very typical shot

There have been two mountain biking sessions within a week. Adam can attest to this surprise since at every hit of a rock and swivel of a wheel, I scream in angst. I keep telling myself, I will get better.
Blue Ridge Trail on the Loop Rd. Lander, WY

Happy Jack in Laramie, WY

Olympics have been so awesome to watch and I have finally gotten my online streaming to work.
Streamed the Women's Triathlon onto the TV

The weekend ended with my boss gettin' hitched with the most personal appropriate vows along with some dancing in the barn. Why not?

 Every 4 years...
The theme of winning silver and losing gold has been resonating within all of the competitions. Another highlight of perspective and one man's trash in another man's treasure. I don't think one who who rejoices or cries over a silver medal is any different from the rest of us (besides the fact it is real and in the Olympics). Each person has their goals and depending on expectations and whatever is a 'reach' for you determines the emotional reactions regarding certain results.
One that I can think of is, Mckayla Maroney who was a sure win for the Gymnastics Vault gold medal. Under some mental pressure and other mind games she sat down her 2nd vault. She settled for silver and will move on with her life. To her, this is a disappointment as she did not perform to her potential and  can't be overjoyed winning an Olympic Silver.

As seen thus far, there have been more ecstatic wins of the bronze medals, I guess pertaining to those athletes who didn't expect to win, than of the silver.

Thought of competing in the Olympics is a far fetched dream I have had since being a gymnast at an early age. So much so, I have debated moving to a small country to be able to compete in a few disciplines. While I haven't made the move yet, London 2012 has brought back the nostalgia of my gymnastics days and has me thinking....

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