Wednesday, August 15, 2012

East Side Love

WY I RUN... speed through the airport to make connecting flights when delayed

Unfortunately, I couldn't make the shuttle in NYC go faster so my legs didn't come in handy and we missed our train to Albany by 2 minutes. Don't you love NYC

8/8: 8 Miles a.m. and 4 Miles p.m. with Dynamic Core
8/9: 3:30 a.m. run before our flight back East. A 2 mile w/u, 7 mile cutdown, 2 c/d. Always feels so good to lounge on the plane after one of these.
8/10: 8 Mile Easy a.m. and 4 Miles p.m.
8/11: 12 Miles and a hike with Page, Dad and Adam up Noonmark. I forget how steep these mountains are.

8/12: 8 Miles in the a.m. and a hike with Mom (gasp!) Adam, Page, Carter and my Aunt and Uncle. This one ended in typical McClelland family fashion with a bushwhack down the backside of the mountain and hours and bee stings later, we returned home via the shorter way!

8/13: 10 Miles with 4 x 20 and then travel back to Lander-- after car, train, plane and car... we made it back at 2 a.m.
8/14: Pulled myself out of bed for a 4 a.m. workout. 2 miles w/u, 2 x 4 MIles, 1 c/d. I missed one mile in each set in regards to paces but I am blaming exhaustion and an indulgent weekend!

Weekly Highlights:
Well I was back in Keene Valley and 3 days was way too short. I needed two weeks to get my fill, but I got my toes wet.

This girl came to visit straight from Santiago, Chile
Although, I only saw her for a hot minute, I got my fix and there is more to come.

I fell in love... wait for it... with a dog. My sister is sitting for our cousin's dog, Zeppy for two months and his personality and snuggle lovin' is like none other and he doesn't shed. There is a first time for everything.

Adam and I made out like bandits as my dad treated us to the Ausable Club buffet, a gluttonous delicious spread like none other.

In Keene Valley tradition, we documented our hike on Roostercomb on nature's pallet of a fungus where my mom put her artwork to use. Decked out with bees and a chainsaw as my uncle was breaking trail with heavy machinery for us. We ended the day with lamb (cooked straight on the coals on our fire pit outside), zucchini and corn.

Family time is always a finicky situation. You always want to see your family, but it may never be quite what you envisioned. Well, this was always how it was for me coming back from vacations from school and such. As of the last few years, living here in Lander, I have been timid about booking stays longer than 3-4 days with the family for these reasons. But with some awareness, personal growth, and mental preparation, I have learned to embrace the dynamic; fights, tears, yelling and all. Now, each visit is extraordinary as these are people I love. No visit can be bad as each comes with a unique experience and this was just that. I am now confident is spending more time with these awesome people as dipping my toes in the land that I love with the people who know me best was not enough this time around.

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