Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hungry hungry hippo

WY I Run...Introduces me to journeys and explorations I would not have had without the sport.

The past 84 Mile week on top of week after week of high mileage has turned me into a hungry girl. It is strange how some times it comes on all of the sudden and you can only think about one thing, food. I want to fuel myself well and be in control of the whole foods I put in my body, but lately when the hunger strikes, sugar, carbs and more sugar fill me up to a stomach ache. An area I am still exploring and working on to treat my body the best way that I know how.

10/10: 8 Miles and 4 Miles
10/11: 10 Miles with 4 x 20 and Swim
10/12: 1 w/u, 8 Steady ~ 7:25, 1 c/d and 4 Miles
10/13: 22 Miles- 7 Miles before the Utah Half Marathon, 3 w/u, 4 Miles sub 7:20, Half Marathon @ 1:32:XX and 2 c/d
10/14: Rest and a blood flowing hike with Adam
10/15: 8 Miles and Yoga
10/16: 8 Miles and 4 Miles

When my dad arrived back to Boston, he tried to turn his own mistake back onto me, by saying "Ha... I left my coffee on your car," which inherently only deprives him of his morning cup o joe. But he can have it back.
The coffee endure the 30 Miles from Riverton to Lander

The Utah Half Marathon was a highlight of this fall, not only because I raced, but my official first athlete after being certified via RRCA beat her goal of two hours at 1:59:XX and I got to help and guide her through this. Running the last mile with Amy Rathke as the seconds ticked off was one of the most nerve racking and exhilarating moments. She dashed across the line and smiled as exhaustion swept over her body. Meeting her goal allowed for the smirk to continue as she walked through the coral to meet Casey and I. 
This is one happy chick-a-dee

The weather, the time of day, our company, Adam, Casey, BJ and his baby could not have created a more special moment or more delightful race. Even Aspen was smiling ear to ear.

Getting into the mountains on Sunday topped off the weekend, although if you ask Adam, I complained the whole time. I managed to talk and scare off all animals that Adam was scoping out. Not sure I would be the greatest hunting partner. 

As I start to taper, my legs are tired, my eyes don't want to open to my 4:40 a.m. alarm and the ING New York Marathon draws closer. All of my workouts have been executed and I feel ready to roll. The sun feels the same way catching my attention on its way up this morning.


  1. Hey - nice to meet you (briefly) on Saturday. Sorry that I had to quickly bail... I had about 15 minutes left to change my bib # b/w races :-)

    1. Jake, thanks for stopping by. I am glad I got to say hi (even if brief). So much fun to follow the running world and be a part of it. Hope the 5k was fun and I will hopefully be back in Utah for more races in the future