Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Power of the Mind

WY I RUN... to notice each minor change as the seasons turn

10/17: Easy Swim and 11 Miles, (4 @ 7:05, 4 as fast as I can). The workout was cut short due to recovering legs and that feeling that you just can't push anymore. This made me mad. Like most Type A/ Runners, I want to control how fast as I can go and don't like my body telling me what to do. When in fact, this is what needs to happen. I sat on this workout a few days, seeing that it was my last one and  didn't want it to effect my mental outlook going into the marathon. I finally e-mailed Jeff, first telling him the struggles of my w/o then questioning my ability to push through. As the tail end of marathon training, he confirmed that this is not the time to push too hard and there are times when I can push to progress my pain tolerance, but right now is not one of them.

 I am keeping all of my other banked workouts in the forefront of my mind, with an understanding of what made this one go south.
10/18: 6 Miles, Walk and Short Yoga Video
10/19: 8 Miles and 4 Miles
10/20: Yoga, Pilates (both short videos) and 14 Miles. Another pretty daunting, devastating run. With the temps higher than they have been resulting in dehydration, coupled with shoes that are not right for me. I came home wiped. I had switched to the PureFlows by Brooks and was loving them until this past week's speed and Saturday's long run. It seems as thought there is a bit of toe lift inadvertently stressing my shin and tweaking my achilles/calf. I was not liking it and had been under the notion that these would be my marathon shoes. NOPE. I have moved successfully back into a stock piled pair of Brooks Launches and will run NY in these and look for new models after the race.
10/21:  8 Miles In Brooks Launches.... much better. Yoga and Pilates.
10/22: 8 Miles in the afternoon since I did not wake up and Pilates
10/23: Easy Swim, Mini Workouts, ~10 Miles and Walk

Weekly Happenings:
Listened to Jay Petervary speak to his Bikepacking adventures and records set. Most recently, re-setting the tour divide which follows the continental divide record in about 15 days, operating off sandwiches and pit-stops and about 2-4 hours a sleep a night.
    I also got to see Pitch Perfect and spent the remainder of the weekend, downloading A Capella songs and watching Glee, catching up on other shows as well. A cleaning, baking, hanging out weekend extravaganza.
    Now it's time to buckle down, get the pep back in these legs and get rearing to go while staying healthy. NYC Marathon less than two weeks away. Bib # 10441

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