Thursday, January 24, 2013

Heaven in a Cup

WY I RUN: Hot Chocolate
Yes, that's right. My hot chocolate consumption was through the roof this weekend, but my justification is that when you drink heaven in a cup, it is perfectly acceptable.

1/16: 6 Miles, Elliptical and Swim
1/17: 10 Miles~ 4 x 1.5 @6:50, Skate Skiing
1/18: 6 Miles, Elliptical, Skate skiing
1/19: 18 Miles: Wow, felt awesome on this run. Started bit slower and was able to use the rest of the energy for the end of the run, but definitely did not feel like an 18 mile run. Skate skiing for an hour with Adam.

1/20: ~ 25k of Skate skiing with Adam

You may think I am on the Nordic skiing Olympic track. You are not all wrong, I probably am, but I am still keeping up with my running

1/21: Swim, Core and 8 Miles to a drive SLC
1/22: 5 Miles and Skiing at Solitude ALL DAY LONG. Sunshine, groomers and 8-year-old Rossignols. Instead of Heaven in a Cup, heaven on the slopes as part of Outdoor Retailer's Winter Demo

The ski scene at its best. No bright colors and you got nothing
The first person I ran into at the show was an fellow Brooks School graduate. One whom I have had a phone conversation with but never met in person. The magic of community and industry making your world so small.

Ingrid and I. A fellow Brooks Grad
Not only was I able to participate in the Winter demo. I was able too with these hooligans as well as my God Father, the owner of the Moutaineer in the Adirondacks. A different perspective on show and hanging with the family was not too shabby.
Scotty and Sean Trading UP
Lots of going on in my itty bitty world. Lots not in my control and while this causes some anxiety, the more I go for it, the more comfortable I get. I feel lucky to have running as a constant in my life right now and being able to keep it up on the road while traveling.Trying my best, early to bed, early to rise amongst the mayhem of the Outdoor Retailer show. I have some 10k races coming up and excited to test this distance out, try it on for size.

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