Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I want to Win

As a competitive human, most things come in form of competition and are win/lose situations. This can bode well in certain situations, i.e racing and other events of that short but can inhibit me in stressful situations whether it be life, work, relationships or all of the above. I lose sight of perspective of the tasks at hand and get wrapped up in 'losing' the game of life. I can either lose or win. Here is where I am supposed to take a step back and recognize the process of tackling the stressors and relieving stress.

WY I RUN... relieving stress and focusing thoughts elsewhere

1/23: Elliptical and 6 Miles
1/24: 9 Miles: Easy Tempo
1/25: 6 Miles and Core
1/26: 12 Miles and Nordic Ski @ Beaver Creek
1/27: Long Skate ski / Adam and Cycle in the afternoon with Triathlon Club members at Elemental Gym watching Ironman interviews.
1/28: 8 Miles in the morning with a co-worker and 4 Miles p.m.
1/29: More unfamiliar territory with intervals but had to be done on a treadmill. 11 Mile interval with 4 x (600m, 400m, 200m) with full recovery between each and sets. Making use of the last snow of the golf course on nordic skis.

This past week I have been traveling. I was the Outdoor Retailer show in SLC and got to catch up with Andrea in a hippy dippy cafe, but had to come back to 4 days in the office and then off again for another 3 weeks. While this is something I love about my job and enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people, for a woman of control, it is a stressor too. I like to have everything in order, my ducks in a row and the constant movement, lack of routine, makes this difficult.

Being the busiest three months of my position also comes into play as well as pretending NOT to plan a wedding which my mom has graciously been spearheading and I have been taking the backseat too.  That's not to say I haven't been reaching up front more and more frequently. It is hard for me not to be in control, so as I play off relaxed, laizze-faire wedding planning attitude, my insides are having a conniption fit.

This might be a ramble or a tribute to the fact that everyone handles situations differently, specifically stressful ones. Life is a learning process and each time we are bombarded, we learn a little bit more about how we handle stressors and cling to what's familiar. So, it is not a winning/losing situation but rather part of the game of life and just one step further in the exploration. With this, I will keep on exploring.

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