Tuesday, January 15, 2013

(Too) Wide Open Spaces

After skiing up at our local trails this weekend (Beaver Creek) and being the only one up there, I questioned my venture as I crossed multiple shapes and sizes of foot prints. I was convinced Big Foot was after me and everyone got the memo but me. Here I am in what I concluded were my last moments

WYIRUN... the constant of the treadmill and a few episodes of a good show in the -20 degree weather

1/9: 6 Miles, Elliptical and Swim
1/10: 8 Miles and 4 Mile p.m.
1/11: 10 Miles w/ 6 Steady. Tried to beat mother nature at its own game since I wanted to get my run in outside and have vowed that I will not be running on ice and snow this year. Within the hour, 2 inches had accumulated. Holding pace with howling winds and snow piling up was not what I had in mind.
1/12: 14 Miles (10-13 @ HM pace) , done on the Treadmill with a few episodes of Girls. While Adam froze his bum off at the Broncos, I froze my bum off skiing with two lovely ladies, Sheila and Amy. Following the lame football game, I dragged myself to the hot tub to soak and swim
11/12: Skate skied at Beaver Creek

11/13: 8 Miles, Elliptical and Aqua Jog
11/14: 9 Miles, Alternating Tempo (7 and 6:45) for 6 Miles.
In regards to the workout this morning, I have been consequently trying to gauge effort on my Garmin (with a footpod) combined with our ancient Treadmill and I am struggling to figure out a good method. For the most part my Garmin reads paces that seem like the right effort level, but then it will jump off the deep end and tell me extraordinary things (like, I am running a 3 min/mile- Fastest human in the world, what up). I then re-direct my attention to the treadmill which is doing some lagging and have to quiet my crazy brain by adding some speed. Today, I was able to gauge off effort and ended up getting in the  hard-ish workout that I wanted using both tools. I worry I am shorting myself or pushing too hard by using one or the other. I am going to keep making up crazy mathematics in my head and slowly become more body aware on pacing. Jeff has just given some advice on Competitor.com on How to Pace

This weekend, Broncos are the underdog and Adam's favorite team, while Patriots are home base and where it all started. None-the-less, I watched some of both the games strictly because Adam was at one and Page and Dad were at the other. I think I watch the crowd more than the game.

I lost a little part of my identity on Sunday. On my car, I have always had this sticker. It has sort of become a part of my presence in this town. But in my head, I told myself, when Adam and I were getting married, I would take it down (he was tired of being teased by teenage girls when driving it around). So much to my chagrin and his enjoyment, I no longer, "I love Tim Riggins"

Happy now?

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  1. Hey, let me know if you want to go running together while you are here for Outdoor Retailer. My email is andilee73@gmail.com.