Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Comment

WYIRUN... Sunny San Diego and beaches (Although my heart is with the mountains)

For some reason, I can't help the furry that builds inside when someone says... (in re: to running)
Doesn't that hurt your knees? And, You can't run when you are my age! (Someone from 30 rs. old- 70)

Heck yes you can. You could run the rest of your life (if you are careful and do it right) and here is how; with science and experience to back it up:
Run until you are 100...
World renowned Dr. Phil Maffetone and from experience, World Class Master's runner, Nick Arciniaga
* Everybody is different and some can handle more mileage than others, but there are tricks to the trade.

1/30: 6 Miles and Nordic Ski
1/31: 6 Miles and Nordic Ski
2/1: Swim and 8 Miles... Outside
2/2: 4 Miles and Elliptical
2/3: Redondo Beach 10k; It's been a while since I have done a shorter race and I am working desperately to get back into them. This was the first time racing short and not ultimately training for a marathon. My energy going into the race was low, but once I started my legs were turning over and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I had some girls in my sights and decided I would just push the pace if my legs let me. The course was rolling and for the first Mile, I went out a bit fast and reigned it back to an effort I thought was ok, 6:19. The next mile went flat for a bit, 6:22 and then continued to go out one direction. There was one girl in particular that I eyed the whole time, slowly catching up. Mile 3, 6:21, 6:07, then a long incline, a down hill and steep up, 6:22, and I ran home to the finish in 6:19 and was able to squeeze out a 39:40 which was not the time I had in mind and I am happy where my marathon fitness has left me.
2/4: 8 Miles and Swim-- Don't get this in WY often

2/5: Rose early to get to a track that would let me on. Point Loma U. was suggested by Liz and it worked out perfectly. I ran 3 w/u, 1600,1000,800,600,400, 2 c/d. I didn't hit paces for the shorter distances, but I think my legs are still getting used to turnover and it will take some time to increase that speed system.

I met Liz for coffee yesterday and chatted, while 2 hrs went by. It ceases to amaze me how passion can carry a conversation into the depths of all aspects of life. While running is a sport, it is also a lifestyle. From nutrition, relationships, to schedule, there is so much that goes into something you love so much. Everyone has their own story and each is so fascinating, how they started with the sport and where it has taken them.

Now, as I make my way up the coast, I will shed no tears leaving Los Angeles. Having lived in WY for 4 years, no cars, clean air. I now know who is doing all the damage... LA plays a game called, "How many cars can you get on the road at once?" It's not fun.


  1. That track looks pretty nice right now :-)

  2. I know. Heard you were down here too... nice to be able to get on a track. Period. Nothing inside in WY