Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eery sounds of Nothing

I have been describing my state as the 'calm before the storm.' In my head, I have been using this work tour home as a way to decompress, relish in the efficiencies of my current position before I enter the world of inefficiency and adaptation. Sleeping in my childhood bed, in my original 'home,' the smells, sights and comfort are keeping me sane and relatively stress- free before I fly back west to enter a state of organized mayhem.

WYIRUN... old routes, familiar paths, and sea level
As an FYI, even though I am bouncing over the WY state line, I will not rename the blog (COIRUN) doesn't work. 
I predicted this, which is the real reason I came to Boston
4/3: 8 Miles and Cycle outside before the flight to Boston
4/4: First workout home around my beloved Chestnut Hill reservoir,  11 Mile Interval: 3 x 2 Mile @6:45-50. I was a bit tired and almost didn't even want to start, but sometimes, you just have to go for it and can be amazing what your body can produce. Felt like a comfortable tempo session.
4/5: 8 Miles, Core, and 4 Miles
4/6: Strength Circuit, 12 Mile before an Experiential Education Conference
My hotel had a Jacuzzi in the room, I ordered scattered rose petals too!

4/7: Aqua Jog and Elliptical
4/8: 8 Miles, 4 Miles and Dynamic Core
4/9:  Swim... and for not living here in too long, I got off at the wrong T stop and threw away a Charlie Card with money

And a trek to find a track, which I did not find. I made due with another reservoir session and complete my Mile repeats at 6:05-10. There was some heat, which made me sweat more then normal, but cruised through the intervals with full recovery. I get excited about fitness levels when I am back on the sea plain, definitely makes a difference (whether physiological or not). I am going to jump in a 10 Mile Trail Race, since my itch to compete is at a peak with the Marathon gearing up in this town.

Phrases overlooked the Experiential Ed. Conference. It's the Music within you and the Love you Pass On

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