Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WY don't you run?

WYIRUN... Over the past few days, I have come to the conclusion there are many more reasons to run, than not to run.

The following events shows how running has trickled into so many aspects of my life and incorporated family, friends and lots of love.

4/10: 8 Miles and Swim
4/11: 8 Miles and 4 Miles
4/12: 11 Miles Easy and Strength/Core Circuit
I Accompanied mom for a one day trip to Keene Valley, our wedding destination. Colors, flowers, timing, events, food... the list is endless, but the mountains, the nostalgia, the quiet town are there to stay.
This is the Noon Mark Diner, famous for their pies and filled with memories of French Toast slathered in butter and the multiple requests for more syrup!

4/13: 4th Woman at the 10 Mile Trail Race. With the burning itch to race, I found the perfect filler, a trail race, the 22nd Merrimack River Trail Race. One that would be an effort and competition, but not wreck my body because inevitably the trails would hold me back. My parents, even mom, the anti-morning queen woke up at 6 a.m. to cart me to the race and cheer me on. Having my biggest fans along the course changes racing all together and just melts my heart thinking about their smiles when I crossed the finish line. This trail was no joke; wet, mud, rocks, leaves, roots, hills at 50% grade (really, river crossings and more.... really?? In Massachusetts?

The battle wounds of the trail
4/14: I woke up excited to finally meet my coach after 2 years, Jeff Gaudette. I randowntown to the Starbucks, first in the Sheraton and then in Marriott ( the actual meeting location). With his athletes running the Boston Marathon, we watched the Men's mile and ran to the Charles River.
4/15: The morning of the Boston Marathon, I found the track and ran my 1000m repeats which were hard to keep pace, but ended up taking it 100 by 100. After the day before, I was on the running commuting kick and I cooled down towards Trader Joe's to grab some lunches and snacks and then onto the subway system to go home. From there, I sauntered over to the Marathon on my own time, exuding with pride and excitement to watch the elite runners come by as well as friends in the race. I was beaming, my life, my sport, my friends, cresting Heartbreak Hill. 
I look calm, but my mind is saying, I CANT WAIT FOR RUNNERS

Felix in the lead
The front Elite pack, look closely for Kara
 These running adventures seeped through different parts of my life, circling back to my passions. While I used to consider running as my outlet (which it still is), it is also more to me now, a common bond between so many of us connecting me to various worlds and introducing me to new endeavors and opening doors that may have never been open. 

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