Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Run for the Springs

WYIRUN... a new route = new strengths
Living on a mountain will make for some tiring runs, all ending with a steep uphill to make these legs a wee bit stronger
Skipping one week, which included a few workouts and 5k
4/23: Swam in the a.m. and 10 Miles: 16 x 400 with 3 min Rest @5:40. One of the more daunting workouts on the schedule since 16 of anything, is just a lot.
4/24: 4 Miles and 8 Miles
4/25: 8 Miles and Cycle with Casey, my last Lion's Valley Loop.
4/26: Swim and Steady Run, 3 w/u, 5 @ 7 min, 2 c/d
4/27: 12 Miles Easy with Adam and the move to Steamboat Springs, CO
4/28: Swim, Cycle from Lowell Whiteman and Mountain Bike excursion after Adam left
4/29: Slept in a bit on my first day of work, 4 Miles and Mountain Bike to make to Strawberry Springs without getting off my bike, some tough hills. Seems to be all in the shifting.

4/30: No workouts for this transition week. 8 Miles and

I pondered this blog post for a while, since I have not written one the past two weeks and wanted to be insightful and meticulous if I was going to short change the blog. But after mulling over some ideas, coming up with others and then forgetting them and then down right not being able to think about a topic that excited me, I gave up and am going to just to write about the happenings in my life... which is one of the reasons there has been no blog post.

I waited, I speculated, I talked about it, and it hasn't come. This is the elusive breakdown, the one Amy called 'the care bear stare' (Does anyone else know what this is? Adam did).
Saturday, I woke up and ran my last jaunt up Sinks Canyon in Lander and ate, for the first time at the Middle Fork, then packed up the rest of my belongings to caravan with Adam to Steamboat Springs. Saying goodbye was not real in some ways. I don't like goodbyes and to a place that I have come to call my home the last four years (one that I am obsessed with) did not make it easier. So many good things happened here and this must have shadowed my sorrow along with this 'make believe' world I was living in.

On my last day, I wanted to let everyone know how much NOLS has meant to me and probably much to everyone else's chagrin, 4 pages later, I spit it out.

A 6 month internship turned into 4 years ( or just shy of). A likely story of many of the interns who show up to Lander and more specifically NOLS. Once you are here, it's hard not to get wrapped up into the community that exists around you and more importantly opens its doors to you. From running into your colleague, desk mate and friends at the grocery store, to babysitting your executive director's children to waiting outside the pool with the same people at 5 a.m. Every Tuesday and Thursday; this is going to be hard to give up. And frankly,  I don't want too at all. 

In turn, there are other adventures out there and whether they lead me back to Lander or not, I need to go on them to further challenge what I can do. This place and you all have become my safe haven and one that I will cherish the rest of my life. Andy Bassett told me when I got here, ' Appalachian State was his Heaven and Lander is paradise.' I don't know about App state but I couldn't agree more with the Lander side of the comment.

I am in Steamboat, trucking along at the Lowell Whiteman school still riding excitement of living in the present.

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