Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Forget the Hurt

WYIRUN... the varying elements that change the sport entirely

6/19: 8 Miles, Cycle
6/20: 8 Miles a.m. and 4 Miles p.m.
6/21: 6 Miles
6/22: Howelson 8 Miler
I climbed and I climbed and I climbed. With an expectation of running uphill for 4 miles and downhill for an equal amount of time, I was wrong. We climbed for 5 miles and 1000 ft which caused shin tightness, tingling left foot and the verge of tears until gravity took hold and the last three miles I felt the wind in my face. I crossed the finish line as the 4th woman and some trashed legs.

Honestly, I debated signing up for this race for a long time. Not because it wouldn't be conducive to my schedule or I had alternative plans. It was all because I set these expectations for myself and lately, have gotten so mentally anxious that I won't meet them and know how my attitude can shift when I don't meet them,  it seems easier to avoid the races all together. At the last minute, I came to my senses; while I am not the strongest trail runner, running them will only make me stronger and one day maybe I can change my focus to this! I successfully battled any demons post race and was complacent with my performance. 

From the Steamboat trails to the Curt Gowdy trails where Adam crushed his first Xterra Off-road triathlon with a treacherous mountain bike leg. 

Justin and Adam
While I sometimes get nervous at the idea of spectating, afraid of the envy that might set in, wanting to race, this looked brutal and not a muscle in my body wished I was out there. With that said, congratulations to all of the athletes who took this challenge. Maybe one day....

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